Review and Swatches: Etude House Grapefruit Jelly Blush

Till now you probably all heard for store Destination Pretty which sells many cute Asian cosmetic products. Its owner is lovely Slovenian blogger Sandra from blog The Puzzle of Sandra's Life. She ships internationally so everyone can get something for themselves. 
When she posted that she opened an online store I immediatelly decided to purchase something to support her work, but unfortunatelly my budget was limited back then, so I decided to get one product. After hours of surfing on the page and deciding which product to get first I finally decided for a blush. I got Etude House blush in shade Grapefruit Jelly.

First impression about this blush was that the packaging is so cute. Definitely the cutest packaging of a blush in my stash. It's plastic, but it works sturdy. Lower part is in the same color as blush and upper part is transparent. With the blush you get a puff for applying blush but I don't use it, because I rather use my Ecotools blush brush.

Grapefruit Jelly is a light pinkish shade with a matt finish, although in the packaging it looks more coral. It has amazingly silky texture. The only downside is pigmentation, because it's not very pigmented. 
I have to say that at the beginning I was a bit dissapoined because of two things - because I expected that it'll be a bit more peachy (I googled it before purchase and on many swatches it looked peachy and that's the reason I purchased it. I guess you can't always trust the swatches.) and because it's not that good pigmented. But more I used it more it grew on me and soon it became one of my favourite blushes. Some time ago I changed foundation shade because I needed something brighter and then I noticed that this is a perfect blush shade for me. Although it's not that good pigmented it's buildable and it gives my cheeks nice natural look. The other thing is that I like to swirl brush into a blush and if the blush is very pigmented I take too much blush with the brush and quickly I can look like a clown. Less pigmented blushes are definitely better to use in that case.
The blush blends really nicely and it looks matt, which I like. After like 5-6 hours it starts fading aways, it depends how much I apply it. I also have to mention that this one doesn't have any smell which is great for those who don't like scented products.

I close-up of my cheeks. I did this swatch back in December. Here I'm wearing Bourjois HM foundation in shade Vanilla.

And this is how it looks with a full face makeup. Here I already used Bourjois HM serum in the lightest shade and I actually love how the blush looks on me. It gives me natural look, so it's perfect for everyday.

I'm not sure how this blush would look on someone more tanned, but for the pale girls like me it's a perfect shade. I'm already thinking about getting Raspberry Tart as well, that one looks like a perfect pink color. The packaging contains 8,5 g and you can get it for 12,90€ on Destination Pretty.

Have you tried Etude House blushes? What do you think about this shade? Thank you for reading!