Review and Swatches: Catrice Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polish Mission PINKpossible

Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polishes were new Catrice product I was the most excited about, but when I saw first swatches I wasn't that impressed. Colors just didn't convince me. Then in the store I swatched them all and 3 of 6 colors looked nice, but I decided to take only one shade to see if this product will convince me. I got shade 060 PINKpossible.

Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polishes are a mixture of a lipstick, a lip tint and a lip gloss - or as they say on Catrice official site: "It unites the colour of a lipstick, the durability of a stain and the shine of a gloss in just one product." I really like the packaging, it's black, not to big, it seems sturdy and it has a sponge applicator that makes an application very easy (the product applys evenly on lips). You get 6 ml for a price of 5,19€ in Müller. There are 6 different shades available.

Mission PINKpossible is a pink shade that looks very intense on lips, but I love that. It's very glossy, but also very sticky. It has quite strong sweet smell which dissapears once the product is on lips. It's amazingly pigmented, it covers lips with only one swipe. It also feels moisturizing. How long will it last on lips it depends from what you're going to eat and how much are you going to drink (at least my experience was like that). If I wore it between meals the glossy finish faded away after around 3 hours, but when I ate lunch/dinner (even if right after application) the glossy finish was mostly gone. After that the stain was left. While the lips are still glossy, the products transfers to the glass.

On left photo you can see just applied lip polish and on right a stain that was left after 4 hours. Meanwhile I drank a lot and ate a lunch. It leaves very strong even stain at the beginning, but after some time when the stain starts fading away it mainly stays between gaps on the lips. Also when there is only stain left it feels very drying on the lips. The stain is very hard to clean, I had to rub my lips quite hard to get it off and I still have a stain on my hand (I made swatches today), although I cleaned it with remover and I also took a shower. So the stain can be positive or negative thing, it depends how you look on it (to me it's more negative, because I hate that it goes between gaps on my lips).

 And this is how it looks on me. I'm really liking this shade on me.

As I mentioned before, there are 6 shades available for price 5,19€ in Müller and you get 6 ml of a product. The color payoff is amazing, it's glossy and quite long lasting, easy to apply, moisturizing, it leaves a stain, but it's sticky and stain is a bit harder to clean. I am quite satisfied with this products, I'm wearing it constantly since I got it and the shade it's just perfect to me (I like pink on lips). I'm still not sure if I'll get other 2 shades that I liked in the store, I'm actually more curious about new Essence matt lip glosses.

Have you tried Catrice Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polishes? Will you get any of them? Thank you for reading!