Random Sunday #46

It's been a month since my last Random Sunday post, so I think it's time to gather all photos made in last month together and show them to you. 

This year we didn't had such a long winter and so many snow as last year, but it was a crazy winter. After few days of snowing it started to rain and we had little ice age in Slovenia. Many people didn't had electricity and everything was frozen. It was crazy. :(
And although I'm not a fan of winter and snow, nature actually looks very nice covered with snow on a sunny day.

A winter selfie. I posted this  makeup look this week on my blog (HERE).

One very old manicure. Essence Blue Addicted over Essence The Boy Next Door.

One selfie collage. I admit, since I started creating more makeup looks and taking photos each day (for 365 day photo challenge), I do a lot of selfies. :P

And one black and white selfie. :P

Home made bread. It's actually called "vrtanek", but I have no idea how to translate this word in English. I don't eat bread a lot, but I adore home made "vrtanek", my mom knows how to make a really tasty one. :D

A photos of Ris when he was a little guy. He was so cute.

And few more photos of our big boy.

I was making a pudding cake the other day. It was delicious. The recipe you can find of Pink Diamond's blog.

My darling took me to Chinese restaurant on V-day. I really like chinese food, I should try to prepare some at home sometimes. In the end we got plum wine as V-day gift from restaurant, but I don't like its taste.

 And I had a little shopping spree this month. Moja drogerija had a discount on Sleek products, so I took two blushes and a Face Form in Fair. I tried Pomegranate the other day and omg, this is what a call a great pigmentation. I needed just a tiny bit of product and it already gave nice color to my cheeks.

 I finally got my first Real Techniques brush. I wanted Expert Face brush for so long and since my Ebelin brush isn't good anymore I needed a great replacement. I want to thank Tinna's Pink Place to help me order RT brush (and Elf kit) on iHerb.
I also bought makeup sponge in Tedi along with Beauty Woman nail polish in shade Cosmic. Swatch of a polish will be on my blog next week and my first impression of makeup sponge will be posted in New In post in next few days.
I also got two Essence Stay With Me glosses. They are discontinued and I really like them, so I decided to get few before they're gone (specially because lately I like to wear lip glosses over lipsticks, if I wear glossy lips).

Thank you for reading!