New in (Januar)

Januar was a bit crazy month when it comes to shopping. I bought a lot of things. Most of the things I needed, some were for spoiling myself. And the most interesting fact this month is that as a nail polish addict I bought only one polish. Now let's see what I got.

Miyo is a new brands that's available only in Nama, but they have some interesting products. For the beginning I bought 6 of their single eyeshadows and I'm really impressed. They are really great pigmented for matte shades. I got: Chili, Iris, Aqua, Royal, Chocolate and Sunrise. I also got Essence pigment Fairy Dust, because I wanted to create a winter look with it, which unfortunately didn't came out as I planned, but it will come handy with some other looks. Deborah Milano Hi-Tech trio palette is a gift from Click2Chic store which I got as one of the winners of their makeup contest.

I got 2 eyeliners this month - Catrice Ink waterproof eyeliner Don't Move, because old one became thick and hard to apply, and Alverde gel eyeliner. Alverde eyeliner didn't impress me, it irritates my eyes and it's hard to remove. Polish is Catrice Oyster&Champange and you already saw it in this post. I also got Catrice false lashes and Fingrs eyelash glue

Next are Essence Love Letter's Love Poem highlighter and S-he cream rouge 001 and powder rouge 002. I already reviewed all 2 products and you can read reviews if you click on their names.

I bought one Catrice Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polish to test it and you can check that post here. I got Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact mascara from Cosmopolitan to test it and then send them a short poll back. I read a lot positive reviews about this mascara, so I expected a lot from it but was dissapointed. It gaves my lashes an average volume, it's very wet (I always have a feeling that my bottom and top lashes are sticked together when I apply it) and it's very hard to clean. I also got Bourjois Healthy Mix serum in shade Light Vanilla, because I'm really pale during this time and I really love it. Now I understand why all bloggers are raving about this product.

I also got some beauty tools: Essence, Ecotools and Alverde eyeliner brush, Body&Soul brush for brows and Body&Soul eyelash curler.

I did a little shopping in Yankee Candle store as well. I bought few small candles to see which I will like the most. I got five of them, but I already burned Christmas Cookie and Soft Blanket. Soft Blanket is actually my favourite of them all and I'm thining about getting the biggest candle.

Because I really love apple and cinnamon smell I had to buy new Balea peeling with this scent. It actually smells more like apples than cinnamon, but I still like it. I also visited Lush when I was in Ljubljana. I really needed new Lemony Flutter because the old one already had strange scent. This is definitely my HG products for cuticles. I also got Lush dry shampoo. I used it few times, but I'm still not convinced. I do like it but I can't say I love it and that it made a great first impression on me. When I'll use it for a longer period I'll write a proper review about it. I also got 2 Christmas bath bombs, but they are not on the photo because I already used them.

Next are some face products. I got Ebelin cotton pads which are my favourite pads. I needed a new face cream and I decided to try Mixa 24h Mousturizing Anti-dryness Cream for very dry skin, because I heard from other bloggers that they have some great products. I'm really liking it, I use it as a day cream, it mousturize my skin and it also works great as a base for makeup. And I repurchased my all time favourite serum - Balea Aqua serum.

And the last group of product are face products as well. First is Weleda Skin Food which I got after Živa and Fleur de Force raved about it. It has a very strong herbal smell, but after some time I got used to it. I use it for my face, because I have very dry skin lately and it works great specially for my forehead and under eye area, but I still have very dry skin around my nose (maybe I need to use it longer than 2 weeks?). Next is Alverde Aqua Peeling. I just tried it for the first time today and all I can say is that I hate the smell. I will see after few usages how it'll work for me. And the last product is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which I really like. It has a great packaging (not to big opening, thank you very much), it cleans my face makeup nicely and it contains 400 ml. The only downside is that it doesn't clean my mascara, but I can survive that. 

Did you try any of these products? What did you get in Januar? Thank you for reading!