My Fight Against Dry Skin

Winter time is not very friendly time to my skin, especially to my face and hands. I'm always on a hunt to try new products, but when I find something that really works, I stick to that product for a very long time. Today I want to share with you few product, that I really like and work great for dry skin. I don't use them only during winter, but also in summer time. I'm going to start with face product, continue with lip and hand products and finish with body products.

Balea Aqua Serum
My holy grail product. I'm buying it for years now and it's really works for me. I use it in the morning and also in my night rountine. Two pumps are enough for a whole face. At the beginning it gives nice fresh feeling to my face and after few minutes when it absorbs, it makes my skin soft and it helps to mousturize it. It's very light product and in summer I sometimes use it alone, because it feels enough moisturizing for my skin. It's available in DM for around 3€.

 Weleda Skin Food
First I read about this products on Živa's blog and then Fleur the Force recommended it in her video, so I had to buy it. It's a thicker product with a strong herbal scent, that works great on dry skin. For few days I was using it instead of night cream and my skin was so soft and good looking in the morning, but then I got few pimples on my forehead, so I started to use it only around my nose area, which is the most dry part on my face and it really helps, the skin is mousturized and soft in the morning. You can actually use this products on other parts of your body as well.  I bought it in DM for 10€.

Mixa Anti-dryness Cream with 10% glycerine
Mixa is a new brand for me. For the beginning I decided to try their face cream. There are three questions on the back of the packaging and if you answer on two yes, the cream is great for you. Because I answered on all three question yes, I took cream with 10% glycerin. I have to say I'm really satisfied with it, it mousturizes my skin perfectly and it's also great as a base for makeup. It soaks into skin very quickly and it doesn't leave it shiny as many other creams. I bought it in DM for 6,5€.

Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrate
This is definitely my favourite lip balm at the moment. It moisturize my lips great and it also has very pleasant scent. But if you have big problems with lips it won't help you, because it doesn't cure, it just moisturizes lips. I bought it in Müller for 2,5€.

Melem Natural Protective All-purpose Skin Balm
This is actually all purpose thicker cream. Before I got Weleda I was using it around my nose area and it worked great. I also use it on my lips after I do peeling on them, because it's great for mousturizing. I actually got this product in a giveaway, but I think Melem brand is available in Müller's in Slovenia.

Balea Handlotions
These are definitely my favourite to use. They are light, soak fast into skin and leave skin soft and moisturize. I have one on my desk near me and I use it when I feel that my hands need to be moisturized. But beware. This products is very light, so if you have very very dry skin on your hands it might won't help you. At the moment I have three scents: San Francisco, Blueberry and Sheabutter Arganoil (which is almost empty). They are available in DM for around 2,5€.

Essence Gel Nails and Home Cream and 2in1 Hand&Nail Balm
I really like Essence creams. Beside nice scents they're also very moisturizing. Essence creams are thicker than Balea lotions and they need a bit more time to soak in, but they work great. Ok, I do have dry skin on my hands, but not extreme dry, so if you need something richer I suggest you to try Balea Q10+Omega or Vitaskin cream (these are the richest I tried, but as I said I don't have extreme drys skin of my hands). I don't know how much these two cost, because I got them on Essence event, but their creams are usually very cheap, so they are probably around 2€.

Lush Lemony Flutter
Another holy grail product of mine. It's a butter for nail cuticles and it works perfectly. It smells like lemons and you need to use only tiny bit of product. It melts when it touches the skin and it needs a bit more time to soak into the skin. I use it through all day and then before I go to sleep I apply bigger amount of product, wait few minutes that it soaks (I usually watch series when I do that) and then I go to bed. In the morning I wake up with moisturized cuticles. I also noticed that if I have damaged cuticles, it helps to recover them faster.  You get 50g of products for 10€ in Lush and it will last you for a very long time.

Balea Body Butter Lemon
Body lotion and butters are something I really don't use often, because I forget about them. But more than lotions I actually like body butters. It's true that they are thicker, harder to spread all over the skin and need a bit more time to soak it, but I really don't mind that. Balea has few body butter scents, but lemon is my favourite. It just smells so fresh.. And also prize is amazing, they are only 2€.

Balea Welness Fuss Butter
I admit that now in winter I neglect this product, but in summer time I was using it all the time. It's butter, so it's thicker and I used it only before going to sleep, but I waited that it soaked in, otherwise it was all over my sheets. In the morning I always woke up with soft feet. It smells like lemons and mint, but mint scent is dominating and I didn't like that much, but I got use to it. The price is around 3€.

So, these are few products I really like and work great for me. Have you try any of them? Which products do you use to moisturize your skin? Do you have any specially recommendations, which products should I try? Thank you for reading!