Frozen Series: Olaf

Hello, my name is Olaf.:)

On Saturday's I'm doing a new series - a Frozen inspired nail art and makeup looks. They will be posted each Saturday in Februar and one on 1st March (at the moment I have 4 ideas). I'm a huge fan of animated movies and the other day I watched Frozen and I really loved it. At the beginng I actually planned to do Disney inspired series and include Frozen there, but then I got some more ideas for Frozen and the separate series was born. With Disney series I'll probably start in March.

First post is dedicated to Olaf. He's just the sweetest snowman ever. I had no idea how it'll came out, but in the end I really loved it. Polishes I used here are Essie Blanc, She 440, Essence Glorious Aquarious, Ruby Kisses Orange U Over? and some tempera painting for Olaf. I didn't do any tutorial, but if you'd like me to do one, let me know in the comments and I'll add it later.

Next week I'm going to show you Elsa inspired makeup look. What do you think about my nail art? Did you watch Frozen? Thank you for reading!