Frozen Series: Makeup Inspired by Anna

I had to do a post in Frozen series dedicated to Anna, because along with Elsa and Olaf she's my favourite in the movie. Anna doesn't wear any makeup in the movie, so I decided do to a look inspired by her dress. She wears the dress from first photo most of the time in movie and it looked like an interesting color combination, so I decided to try to create something with these colors on my eyes. Well, in the end I was very satisfied with the final look.

The bottom of her dress is blue, the top is black with golden belt and sleeves are mint. She also wears pink mantle. So I combined all these colors - blue on inner and outer part of my lids and in crease, pink in the middle of the lid, the combination of blue and mint on lower lashline and the combination of black and golden for winged eyeliner. The blush I used is Maybelline 501, but I applied it very soft, so that it looks soft reddish on cheeks and that look is very close to my natural blushing. On lips I used my new Rimmel Apocalips in shade Celestial, which is a soft coral shade and I really like it, it's actually a perfect shade for every day.

Products I used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix serum 01 Light Vanilla
- Essence Stay All Day Longlasting Concealer 02 Soft Beige
- Essence Compact Powder Soft Beige
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger highlighting powder
- Maybelline 501 blush

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- NYX Milk jumbo pencil
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 Darks palette (Flesh, Ink)
- Sleek Curacao palette (Blue Hawaiian)
- Sleek Acid palette (purple, pink shades)
- Miyo Iris eyeshadow
- Catrice Vanilla&Charles
- Misslyn Cornflower intense color liner
- Alverde Extreme Black gel eyeliner
- Essence Circus Circus It's Magic glitter eyeliner
- Catrice kajal pencil
- Catrice Glamour Volume mascara

- Catrice Date with Ash-ton brow pencil
- Catrice eyebrow set

- Rimmel Apocalips Celestial

What do you think of this look? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Uau, noro lep makeup! Zlata črtica je res pika na i. :)

  2. wow, tvoji make-upi so vedno perfektni :))

  3. wow, odlično... naročito mi se sviđa dodir zlata *.*

  4. Great!!! I also like you smiling in the photos :)))

  5. Oooh it's so pretty! You are a master of colourful eye make up, end of story!

  6. Super kot vedno :) Maš mogoče kje post o tem kako si urediš obrvi?
    lp, Tjaša

    1. Hvala, Tjaša. :)
      Nimam še, pripravljam pa serijo postov o moji makeup rutini, ki sem jo imela namen objaviti februarja, pa mi ni uspelo, bo pa marca zagotovo in tam bo vse razloženo, kako oblikujem obrvi. :)

  7. Super look :D tocno skinute boje s inspiracije :D a ja film konacno ovih dana moram pogledat

  8. O wow, tale je pa res čudovit. Že buckam na svoj pinterest. :)

  9. Uuu, novi header ali pa mene že dolgo ni bilo (: Upss.
    Glavno da zda pridem in vidim ta prečudovit makeup.. Kakšne nore barve, meni je že težko dve kombinirat.. Čudovito!