Bourjois Amande Défilé

I went through folders on my computer, in which I have photos for blog and I found swatches of this Bourjous nail polish. Because spring is coming and this polish is still available in stores, I decided to post it today. This is a Bourjois Amande Défilé polish from So Laque Glossy collection.

I got this nail polish as a birthday gift and because I have birthday in spring, I felt in love with the color immediately. It's such a gorgeous bright green shade. Well, but it ends here. The formula is very sheer. First I thought that this is a jelly polish, but it's not, it just has a watery formula.
When I applied very thin coats I needed at least 4 coats to make it opaque, but if I applied thicker coats, the formula was just too runny and sometimes polish ended on my cuticles. But with thicker coats I needed only 3 coats to make it opaque. Too bad because of the formula, because this polish has a flat brush, which would made the application a blast with better formula. Dry it looks very glossy even without a top coat. Drying time it depends from thickness of coats, thinner they are faster they dry.
So, shade and brush are really nice, but formula is just meh. These polishes contain 10 ml and the price is around 7-8€. I also wanted a lilac polish from So Lacque Glossy collection, but formula of Amande Défilé disappointed me just too much to give 7 or 8€ for another shade.

Have you tried any polish from So Lacque collection? What do you think of this one? Thank you for reading!