Beauty Women Cosmic

Or better title would be: My boyfriend made me buy this polish. The other day we went to Tedi, where I bought few random stuff and at the cashier's desk there was a little nail polish stand and he said: "Look, nail polishes. Won't you buy any?" And I was like: "No." And he showed me the purple one and said: "Look, this one is very pretty, you should buy it. It's only 1 €." And I had to listen to my boy. The funny thing is that I don't even wear purple polishes a lot. But for my darling I decided to give it a go.

The polish is called Beauty Women Cosmic. It's a darker purple shade with pink and golden shimmer (but pink one is dominating). In the bottle it looks a bit duochome, but that isn't visible on nails. Although the shade is pretty, the formula is not that good. It's so sheer, I needed 4 coats for these swatches, because after three my nail line was still visible. Otherwise it applys very nicely for such a cheap nail polish. Four coats also mean longer drying time.

What can I say, it's pretty, but it's definitely not to be worn alone. It must be layered and that way it looks much better. Here I applied one coat of Beauty Women Cosmic over two coats of Rimmel Blue My Mind. The shimmer is very noticeable when this polish is layered and I like that. In combination with Rimmel polish it looks amazing. I haven't wore it alone, but I wear this combination as my full manicure and it lasted two days on my nails. I have no idea how long it lasts alone, but I'll probably wear it only layered, because four coats are just too much. Otherwise Beauty Women polishes contain 12 ml and are available in Tedi for 1€.

Have you tried Beauty Women nail polishes before? What do you think of this one? Thank you for reading!