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Hello, everyone! First of all Happy New Year. May 2014 be the best on all spheres. Today on a first day I decided to do a little preview of 2013 on my blog. It has been definitely the best year of my blogging till now. I was invited on my first blogging event, I got to know man gorgeous Slovenian bloggers, had a chance to cooperate with many beauty stores, I wrote a lot of detailed reviews I'm proud of, made many manicure and makeup looks and also some tutorials ... It was a great year for my blogging and I hope 2014 will be even better. Last year I did a preview of my blogging and this year I decided to do the same. I'm going to present you my favourite polishes, nail art's, makeup looks, beauty products.

At the beginning of the year people usually make resolution. My only resolution is to make 2014 the best year ever on all spheres (personal life and blogging). :)

Favourite nail polishes of 2013
I have to say, that this year wasn't so crazy with nail polishes than the year before, but I did buy and get many gorgeous shade. At the beginning I had a feeling, that my list will be pretty short, but as you can see, I chose 24 shades (which is 2 for each month).

Favourite nail art manicures of 2013
In 2013 I did a lot of nail art manicures. I joined few challenges, I was inspired by fellow bloggers and also some other things. I didn't link each manicure, because there are too many of them, but you can click HERE to see all nail art's on my blog.

Nail art (makeup) challenges of 2013
I joined few challenges in 2013. OUAT challenge was created by me and all others by fellow bloggers. Mostly were nail art challenges, except last one, which was also a makeup challenge. You can click on each challenge to see, what I did for it.

New blog series in 2013
- Monday palette review - I have a lot of palettes and because I didn't review them frequently, I decided to make reviews each Monday. Now I had a little pause beause of Christmas looks on my blog, but in January there will be 2 more posts in this series.
- Fashion Friday - this series didn't vent well as I planned. I had a lot of nail polish breaks this year, then I was doing a lot of challenge and there just wasn't enough time/chance to do manicures for this series each Friday. But I'll continue with them in 2014, this time hopefully every week. 
- My top products - this is also a blog series, that is not frequenty posted on my blog, but is more season approprite (favourite products for summer, fall, winter, spring). I'm going to continue with them in 2014 as well.
- Once Upon a Time series - this is a blog series, that I did at the beginning of the year. I did few makeup looks and nail art's, inspired by my favourite show OUAT. For year 2014 I'm thinking to do something similar, just inspired by some other movie or show (or even more of them).
- Fall manicure - I did few manicures, inspired by fall symbols.

My first blogger event (Essence and Catrice event)

Most read post on my blog in 2013

Favourite makeup looks of 2013
This is the sphere of my bloggin I'm the most proud of. My makeup skills improved a lot during this yeat and not only that, I also started to shape my brows the way, that I adore and you like too. I got many positive comments about them. On first photo collage you can see my old looks from the beginning of the year, when my brows still looked horrible and on next 2 collage looks from last 3 months, where my brows already look better. I did quite a lot makeup looks this year, because I was doing them for reviews, challenges, blog series ... I really enjoyed doing them and at the moment I'm very inspired for few looks, so expect them more this year. I didn't link each look, but you can check my makeup looks HERE.

Favourite beauty products
Many people are posting lists of best products of 2013, but I decided to post a list of my favourite discoveries of 2013, which means I used and loved them a lot in 2013. I did only beauty stuff, because many other products I discovered last year or even before and I'm still using them. You can check the list of my last year's favourite products HERE, many of them I loved in 2013 as well.

These are my favourites lipsticks to wear. I know, some people don't like them and I actually think, Catrice has better quality lipsticks, but no mather that I still prefer wearing Essence ones. I have 6 of them, but I wear only 4 of them: Coral Calling, Dare to Wear, Wear Berries and Natural Beauty.

 These were definitely one of the best Essence products of 2013. They're great pigmented, easy to apply, last long on lips. Essence is discontinuing them, so if you don't have them, grab them, while you still can.

I use it for cleaning my face. It's very gentle and great for massaging your face.

Bodysoul blush brush
Although this is a blush brush I use it for highlighter and it does its job perfectly.

Ecotools blush brush
I adore Ecotools brushes, they're the best brushes in our drugstores. With this one is easy to apply and blend a blush.

This is definitely my favourite palette of 2013, it has darker shades, that are great pigmented and easy to apply. I use it a lot for my makeup.

This is a palette with only matte shades and you can do dark and bright looks with it. I use it a lot as well.

 This is definitely my top eyeshadow of  summer 2013. Great pigmented, easy to apply and blend, it's bronzy color, so it looks great as a base or alone.

 It's a blush with multiple colors, but it's looks peachy on cheeks. I wore it a lot, because I think it goes perfectly with many makeup looks, because it looks pretty natural on my cheeks.

Since I got it, it's my favourite highlighter. It's golden shimmery highlighter, that gives amazing glow to the skin.

 My second most wear blush of 2013. I use it, when I want more reddish look on my ckeeks. It's amazingly pigmented and it's the blush, that impressed me most last year.

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation Vanilla
It has light coverage, but luckily my skin doesn't have big blemishes, so it's perfect for me. It's easy to apply and blend and it's definitely best foundation I tried.

Catrice Camouflage Cream Ivory
Camouflage cream has more thick formula and it's very opaque, so you can hide all blemishes with it. I was using it under my eyes as well, but now I prefer Essence concealer and I use it, if I have to hide any blemishes on my skin.

Essence Stay All Day concealer Soft Beige
This one is more liquidy than Catrice CC cream, but I use it under my eyes and it gaves me good coverage and it also lasts long.

NYX jumbo pencil Milk
A white jumbo pencil, that is perfect as eyeshadow base, highlighter or on waterline.

Catrice waterproof eyeliner Don't Move
It's pigmented and the brush is thin, so you can make thick or thin line. It's waterproof, so it lasts long on eyes.

Catrice eyebrow set
At the beginning I was using brighter shade, but now I'm using darker and a ot of you say, that you like, how I do my eyebrows. It's definitely better set than Essence one.

So, this is a quite long preview of 2013 on my blog. Thank you for all of your lovely support, it was amazing year for my blog. To say thank you I'm starting with a giveaway on my blog tomorrow, so don't forget to come back then. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Lep izbor:) Kar ne morem prehvaliti Maybelline color tattoojev:) Sem ravno danes preizkusila prvo Essence šminko in mi je všeč:) Presenetljivo kremna tekstura:)

    1. Hvala. :) Jaz sem čisto navdušena nad Essence šminkami, sploh za ceno 2,5 € so super. .)

  2. Ful mi je ušeč tvoj blog :) Čudovite objave in review :)

  3. Essence šminka in Bad to Bronze color tattoo sta se znašla tudi na mojem seznamu. :)

  4. Super objava, nad parimi izdelki sem tudi sama navdušena...Pa same krasne manikure in makeup looke si izbrala :)

  5. odličan post!! Essence se jako poboljšao u svojim make up proizvodima, Wear berries je i na mojoj listi favorita kao i color tattoo sjenila!
    Obrve su ti predivne, baš izgledaš drugačije i ljepše :)
    sretna Nova i sve najbolje!! :D
    P.S. možeš napravit post o puderima i korektorima, kako odabrati najbolji, koji su najbolji za početnike, itd...

    1. Se strinjam, Essence postaja vedno bolj kvaliteten, sploh za tako poceni znamko.
      Uf, Shadow, pravo si našla. Jaz o teh svareh tudi nimam veliko pojma, se še učim, sploh pa sem v življenju preizkusila 3 pudre in 2 korektorja, tako da nima ogromno pojma o tem. Je pa seveda najbolj pomembno, da izbereš pravi odtenek pa seveda je tudi odvisno, kako prekrovnost bi rada ...

  6. O waw, ful me je poteglno noter, sploh prve objave o lakcih ki so res top top top! :D

  7. Jao koliko toga, mnoge favorite lakova dijelimo, od svega mi je zao sto se nisam uspjela docepat Goofy blue-a, omiljena manikura su mi lastavice, make up look, ovaj nedavni sto je zadnji na slici. Zalim za lip creamovima, ali nadam se da ovi novi sto dolaze ce bit jednako dobri :)

    1. Hvala. :) Jaz tudi upam, da bodo ti novi super, pa da bodo v živo zanimivi odtenki. :D

  8. Res dober post, sem čisto navdušena nad tem, kako si spremenila obrvi :D se mi zdi, da so tiste, kjer imaš na sliki živo rdečo šminko in malo manj poudarjene, popolne. Pa izbor lakcev ..<3 Pomoje je tole res najboljša oblika postov v stilu 'best of '2013' tako, da bi si izposodila idejo, če te ne moti :)

    1. Hvala, Ajda. <3 Nikakor me ne moti, ti si kar izposodi idejo, bi z veseljem prebrala tak post še na kakem drugem blogu. :)

  9. Whoa, super post! Tvoji MU looki so res fantastični, mislim da je to moj najljubši del tvojega bloga. :)