Swatches of Few Essence Lip Products

For today I decided to show you swatches of few Essence lip products. Because it would probably last forever before I'd review every group on its own and because Stay Matt lip creams and Essence Femme Fatale lip liner will be discontinued I decided to review them all in one post. Prepare for a post with a bunch of photos and a bit less words. :)

Longlasting Lipsticks
At the moment I own 6 shades of this Essence lipstick range. From my experience these have very different quality, some are really great and some are disaster. My first post with full review and swatches of other shades you can find HERE. There you'll also find all information about the packaging, price and everything else. In this post I'll present you shades Natural Beauty and Dare to Wear.

Let's start with Dare to Wear, which is my favourite Essence lipstick and also the shade that made the best impression on me. It's a darker red shade that drys more glossy than matte (satin finish) and it lasts very long. On my lips it lasted for few hours, although I ate and drank a lot during that time, and after few hours it left nice even stain. It doesn't dry the lips, but it also doesn't feel very moisturizing. It has very nice creamy formula and it's medium opaque, it can be built up.

Next is Natural Beauty. It's a nude shade, that's not very pigmented, but it's buildable. It also has nice creamy formula and more of a satin finish. I actually haven't tested how many hours does it really last, but it never lasted very long. Nude lipsticks are probably the only ones where minimal longevity doesn't bother me, because (uneven) stain isn't very noticeable (this one is "my lips but better shade") and you can re-apply them without a mirror.

Stay Matt lip creams
Stay Matt lip creams are products that are being discontinued. There are 4 shades and I own them all. I wrote about red and berry shades HERE. I actually never planned to get nude shades but on Essence&Catrice event I change my mind and decided to try them. Soft Nude has become one of my favourite nude lip products.

Soft Nude is more a brownish nude shade and Velvet Rose a pinkish toned nude shade. I don't wear Velvet Rose a lot, because I'm not really a fan of this shade and I always have a feeling that it doesn't suit me well. On the other hand Soft Nude is the shade that I can combine with every look and I personally really love it on me. They are creamy, easy to apply, last long and don't dry my lips.

Essence Stay Matt Soft Nude lip cream.
Essence Stay Matt Velvet Rose lip cream.

Lip liner in shade 10 Femme Fatale
The last product is also a product that'll be discontinued. I have it for more than a half of the year and I still didn't review it, can't believe that. I got it when I saw swatches on Petra's (Adjusting Beauty) blog. It's just a perfect red shade. Essence lip liners are the most creamy lip liners I own. It applies smoothly on the lips. It has a matte finish. I like to wear lip liners alone, although I sometimes combine them with glosses or lipsticks. I noticed that I haven't took any photo where I wear it alone, so no full face photo of this product. It lasts around 2-3 hours on lips, but it leaves an even stain that can last for another hour on lips. I do like Essence lip liners (I have 3), but they use up pretty fast (not sure if this is a right expression). I apply it twice time on lips and I already have to sharpen it.

Have you tried any of these Essence lip products? Thank you for reading!