Slovenian bloggers 13. - 19. 1. 2014

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Ajda Tjaša - Welcome to our blog.
Tanita Weith - Sales time
Pretty Purple - Essie Blanc
N. Purcell - Liebster nomination.  
Marcela - Crazy people.  
Mateji ustvarjata - Babbling #12.  
Beauty of a Lemon - L`Oreal Mythic oil - review.  
Viva la vida - That awesome ring.  
Kvačka, raj za dušo - violet chrochet top.  
Adjusting Beauty - soft pink makeup.  
Sabina - recipe for a healty snack.  
UnlimitedLifePlan - first results are visible
Katarina A. - reunited with her old love.  
Failed Beautification - prom outfit ideas.  
Deja Zu - Harry Potter Hogwarts makeup series - ravenclaw
Pink Diamond - nail care routine.  
Taya - winter inspired makeup.  
C`est la vie - studying for midterms.  
Lucija`s Blog - mini beauty haul.  
Lollistick - First 3 days as an Erasmus student.  
Maja Ena - water your body.  

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