Review and Swatches: S-he Stylezone Powder Rouge 002 and Cream Rouge 001

Hello, everyone! S-he Stylezone is a DM makeup brand that is not often reviewed/mentioned on blogs, specially not on Slovenian blogs (at least not lately). Here and there Slovenian girls mention and review their products, but it's not very popular brand. The most reviewed products on blogs from S-he Stylezone are probably nail polishes. Few years ago they changed the look of this brand. Now the packaging looks like Lego cubes and I have to say the packaging isn't very eye catching to me. Also, they had much more interesiting nail polish shades while they still had the old packaging. I'm buying their white polish for nail art, but that's only because it's cheap and I finish it quickly. I'm rambing a lot. Anway, I wanted to say that last week I saw that they have blushes on sale (50 % off) and I decided to get 2 blushes, because Sanja from Sparkle with Laughter is praising their powder blush on her blog and for a half a price I decided to give it a go. I didn't choose the exact shade as she, I went with a darker shade (she has a shade 001, so check out her blog for swatches) and I also decided to try cream blush and compare them.

S-he blushes don't have any names. I took powder blush in shade 002 and creamy shade in shade 001. I really don't like the packaging, this Lego style just doesn't look cute. And it's plastic, so it looks very cheap. One packaging contains 5g of a blush. I think the full price is around 3 € or even more. I have on my mind that I payed 1,45 € for each blush, but I don't remember exactly because I already throw away  the bill.

Powder blush in shade 002 is a darker reddish pink shade with a lot of shimmer. Luckily shimmer isn't overhealming on cheeks, but it gaves them a nice shine. This one doesn't have the best pigmentation, but it's buildable so you can achieve very nice look on cheeks. It applys and blends nicely.

Cream blush in shade 001 is a brownish orange shade without any shimmer. I have no idea why I liked this blush in the store, because it looks horrible on me (I'm too pale to wear this color). It's better pigmented than powder blush and can be easly applied too much. I usually apply creamy blushes with my fingers and here I noticed, that this one is a bit harder to blend. I wore it alone only when I tested how long it lasts on cheeks, otherwise I always applied powder blush over it to make it look softer.

And here are swatched on my hand. Powder blush is really nice, but cream one is in a bit strange shade that will probably look good on more tanned people. It's definitely not a good shade for pale people like me. They don't last very long on cheeks. Cream blush faded away after around 4 hours and powdery blush lasted on me only one hour more.

And this is how they look on me. I usually do a heavy swatch on my cheeks for review posts, but this time I decided to make them more softer. I do not like how cream blush looks on me, it's just such a strange color.  But I do like powder blush, I think it's great for everyday wear, because it looks quite natural on me.

As much as I understand from different informations, S-he Sylezone has one cream blush and 3 powder blushes. I don't know why I got a feeling in the store that there are 2 cream and 2 powder blushes. Well, cream blush didn't impress me, but I do like the powder blush. S-he blushes are good for those, who don't want to spend a lot of money on blushes and want for they cheeks to look natural, because these are great for everyday use. However, I think that for this money you can get much better quality blushes from Catrice. They have bigger selection of shades and they lasts longer on cheeks.

Have you tried S-he Stylezone blushes? What do you think of these two shades? Thank you for reading!