Review and Swatches: Essence Kalinka Beauty TE (blush and nail polish)

Hello, everyone! Today I have for you a review of a blush and a nail polish from Essence Kalinka Beauty collection. When I saw promo photos of a blush, I felt in love immediately, because it looked gradient on the photo and that made it special. Well, in person didn't look gradient at all, but the color is orange and I don't have orange blush yet, so I took it. I also got dark blue polishes, because the color is really pretty.

East Side Story blush is an orange shade with tiny shimmer, that isn't too noticeable on cheeks. It comes in a square orange cardboard packaging, that closes with a magnet. Although the packaging is cardboard and not plastic, it looks sturdy to me and because of a strong magnet there's isn't any fear, that it would open, if you put it in your makeup bag. In the packaging you get 7,5 g of a blush, which is quite a lot, and I payed 3,59 € for it.

The pigmentation of this blush is good and you can easly apply it to much, specially if you swirl brush into a blush, like I like to do. I also noticed, that it's a bit harder to blend, if I apply it a bit more. That's why I usually apply it so, that I dab a brush a bit into a blush, apply it on cheeks, blend and then I layer it repeating this step. To me it's easier to apply it that way and it looks better on. On my cheeks it lasted about 5-6 hours.

And this is how it looks on me. Although I'm not use to orange blushes, I actually like it, how it looks on me. I combined it with silver eyeshadow, because I was practising for NYE look, that you could see in this post.

When I found Kalinka Beauty stand, most of the polishes were already gone, but this blue was still on a stand and it catched my eyes even more than a blush, so I bought it. Absolut Blue is a darker blue creamy shade, that it's not very unique, but formula is amazing. One of the best Essence polishes, I tried lately. Formula is not to runny or thick, it applys like a butter and it also has great brush, like their old polishes had it, which makes application very easy. I also love it, because I wore it 2 days and it chipped very little, on only 2 fingers, before I removed it. It didn't stained my nails at all. But I have to apologize, that I don't have better photos, but my nail on a middle finger broke on one side, as you can notice on photo, so at the moment I can't do good swatches, but I wanted to show you this polish, because it's limited edition. This polish contains 10 ml and I payed 1,99 € for it.

I'm satisfied with both products, but I think I'll use blush more in the summer. Orange is just more summery color to me. Did you get anything from Kalinka Beauty collection? Thank you for reading!