Random Sunday #45

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my first Random Sunday post this year. Since I started with 365 days photo challenge I'm taking a lot of photos. Sometimes I take more photos that I like and then I can't decide, which photo to publish and sometimes I take one boring photo in a whole day. Most of the photos that won't be published in photo challenge post will be posted in Random Sunday. 

Some Taček and Ris photos.

 I photographed sky a lot. This is actually such a great motive.


Had my first frozen yogurt. Not bad, but I wasn't that impressed.

2 new brands in Slovenia (Nama) - Miyo and Bella Oggi. First one is a Poland brand and second an Italian. I haven't got anything from Bella Oggi, but I got few mono eyeshadows from Miyo. They are really amazingly pigmented for matte eyeshadows.

Lush Shoot for the Stars. It smells amazing.

 Shopping at Lush.

 Ljubljana castle on a cloudy day.

 New show that I started to watch this week - Ripper Street. It's a police show that happens in 19. century and it's one of the best shows I saw recently.

 Sherlock was back. And it already ended. Another show that I really love.

 I also have to mention one of the best movies I saw recently - Rush. I usually don't like biography movies much, but here I enjoyed all 2 hous of a movie (Chris Hemsworth anyone?).

And the last thin I want to mention today is this video of Letz Makeup. She posted it in December but I just saw it few days ago and I really liked it. She gaves a lot of great tips in her videos and from this one I learned few things as well.

That's it for this week. Thank you for reading! Have a nice week!