New In (December)

Hello, everyone! Today I'm going to show you my haul of December. A lot of you said under a giveaway post, that you would like to see more hauls, so here it is a post for you. On first photo I didn't include all products I got, because while taking separate photos of each category I remembered, that I forgot to add few products.

First few random stuff. I bought cosmetics pads from Duchesse, cotton swabs from the same brand and Garnier Fructis Repair and Shine conditioner, which I used for the first time today and it's not that bad, but I'll see after few usages, if it'll impress me or not.

Next are some beauty products, that I bought during December. I got nail polish and a blush from Essence Kalinka Beauty collection, both swatched here, new Essence stamping plate (you can see it better here) and 2 Vollare no named polishes. I applied purple one today and I'm quite impressed, it survived a showering and a hair wash, which is for such a cheap polish (0,99 €) very good. Even more expensive polishes don't survive washing my hair. I also bought a Bodysoul brush for brushing my eyebrows.

I had another coupon for 50 % discount on Essie polishes, so I got Tangle to the Top, Blanc and Good to Go top coat. Everybody is saying good things about this top coat, so I though it'll be better investment to buy top coat, which I'll finish in few months, that a polish, which I'll use only few times.

From bodiž I got for review Ingrid osmetics Ideal Face foundation, Ingrid Cosmetics 350 polish and Stargazer 232. Later I found Stargazer polishes in Tuš drugstore and I got a 237 as well. These 2 Stargazer polishes are from Chrome collection, but telling the truth, 237, a golden one, doesn't look chrome to me. I already prepared all swatches and I wanted to post them next week, but unfortunately yesterday my portable disk died (I had all photos for my blog there), so now I have to wait, if they'll be able to fix it or at least rescue my data, otherwise I'll re-do swatches next week.

Click2Chic store send me Parisax Beauty Bleu Nuage eyeshadow palette and Models Own Colour Lip Stix Purple Pleasure. I also wanted to post reviews of these 2 products, starting with one next week, but now I don't know, when they'll be posted.

Next 2 products I got from Moja drogerija. These are NYX lipliner pencil in Orange and NYX Loose Pearl eyeshadow in Space. I already reviewed both products here.

And the last 2 products I got from Born Pretty Store on the last day of December and both are nail stickers. I specially love golden ones, can't wait to create something with them.

Omg, I totally forgot. In December I placed and order on Sandra's online store Destination Pretty and I ordered Etude House Grapefruit Jelly blush. I also can't say, when the review of this blush will be up, I'll have to wait to see, if they can save my data from portable disk.

What did you get in December? Thank you for reading!