FOTD: Inspired by Winter 2

Hi, everyone! Taking photos outside on a weather day it's always fun. Not. When I was doing this look, it's was so windy outside that I had different hair style on each photo, so please excuse my strange looking hair (if they look strange on any photo). For the second winter inspired look I went with only matte shades and  I never thought I will love matte eyeshadows on me so much (as you know I'm a huge fan of shimmery eyeshadows). In my mind this look looked a bit different, but I'm more than pleased with the finished look, it came out great. As I said in my previous winter inspired post, winter is to me all about blue and white colors (I was using those 2 the most for winter inspired nail art in past as well). For this look I used white and different shades of blue.

I also made a tutorial for this look. The light isn't the same on all photos, because the weather was changing constantly that day, so I hope you won't mind that. First I primed my lid with Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base and then I applied white NYX jumbo pencil Milk on my lid and blended it with fingers. First I used white eyeshadow in inner corner of my lid, then I applied more turquoise blue on the second quarter of my lid and on the third quarter I used more aqua blue.

On outer part of my lid I used a bit darker blue and then I took brown shade, mixed it with white and blended it into a crease to soften all harsh lines. Then I took a navy blue shade, draw it in outer V and blended it in my crease.

On my lower lash line I used the same navy blue as in my crease, but only on two thirds of my lower lash line. In inner part I used a bright blue shade, but before that I used NYX Milk white pencil to make the blue more intense. For highlighting my browbone I used Alverde Vanille. In the end I applied black eyeliner, used black kajal pencil on my waterline and applied mascara.

I'm very satisfied how this look came out in the end. But yeah, I love blue. :)

Lips and cheeks are more neutral. I think any other color on lips would be just too much. Because eyes are matt I decided to do lips more glossy and I also highlighted my nose, chin and the top of my cheeks.

Products I used:
- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- NYX Milk jumbo pencil
- Sleek Curacao (Blue Lagoon, Blue Hawaiian)
- Sleek Acid (white)
- Sleek Chaos (both blues - shades 11,12)
- Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 Darks (Ink)
- Alverde Vanille
- Eveline Liquid Precision 2000 procent eyeliner
- Catrice black kajal pencil
- Essence I Love Extreme mascara 
- Catrice Glamour Volume mascara 

- Catrice Date with Ash-ton brow pencil
- Catrice eyebrow set

- Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 02 Vanilla
- Essence Stay All Day Longlasting Concealer 02 Soft Beige
- Essence Compact Powder Soft Beige
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger highlighting powder
- Etude House Grapefruit Jelly blush

- Alverde Nude
- Catrice Exotica

So for the end one collage of my smiling face. You said that I should smile more, so I did few smiling photos. :P

Tell me, what do you think of my second winter inspired look? I definitely prefer this one over the first one. Thank you for reading!