Catrice Crushed Crystal Oyster&Champagne

The other day I went in Müller to check out new Catrice asortment and not many things attracted my attention. They have many new nail polish shades, but I felt in love with only one of them. Some of them are pretty, but not enough to get them immediately. The only polish I really felt in love and I wanted it since I saw promo photos is Oyster&Champagne.

This is how this beauty looks in the bottle. It's a glittery polish, it has a clear base and it contains a lot of tiny golden shimmer, a bit bigger rounded pink glitter and big pink hexagonal glitter. I'm usually not a fan of pink shades when it comes to nail polish, but I adore this one, it's a very special shade. It can be worn alone or as a layering polish.

The brush is standard crappy Catrice one (why they don't bring their old brushes back?). Otherwise the formula is really nice and polish applys like a butter. This is one of those formulas, where you don't need to worry if glitter will stick on nail or not. Othwerwise it's pretty sheer and if you'll wear it alone, you'll need few coats. I used 3 for this swatch. How long it'll last on your nails it depends from your nails, mine are pretty week in this matter and polishes chip after 1 or 2 days. The removing is real PITA, so try with a foil technique if you don't want to hurt your nail bed. The price of this polish is 3,49 €.

And this is my current manicure. I decided to wear it over Essie Blanc. I really love this combination, I have a feeling I'll wear it a lot. And I like the polish on its own as well. I should layer it over gold polish, why I didn't remember that before? Because of the golden shimmer it would look amazing over golden shade. Maybe my next nail polish post will be a combination of Oyster&Champange with a golden polish.

Did you get anything from new Catrice assortment already? What do you think of this polish? Do you like any other shades as well? Thank you for reading!