Born Pretty Store Gold 3D Nail Stickers Review

I was so excited when I received golden 3D sticker from Born Pretty Store, because these are probably the most cutest stickers I've ever seen. They look antique to me. Perfect for easy nail art, when you don't have much time, but you want for your manicure to look like you put a lot of effort in it. Ok, on my photos you can see the lines of stickers because I didn't use a TC, but if you'll use it they won't be visible. You can see all stickers you get in this package HERE. There are many different stickers and many different posibilities for manicures. They are also easy to use. You just take them from plastic, place them on your nails and voila, you're done. They stick very easy on nails. 

For the first manicure I used Stargazer 232 as a base.

For the second manicure I used Essie Tangle to the Top as a base. Here I have shorter nails, because I had minor break again and I had to fill them all down.

For these two manicures I didn't use any top coat, but I do recommend you to seal the manicure with it, because sticker will last longer that way. Otherwise they'll ware off after one day.

So what do you think about these stickers? Like them or not? Thank you for reading!