365 Days Photo Challenge - Day 6-12

Hello, my darlings! It's week 2 of 2014 and I'm here with my second week of 365 days photo challenge. I admit, that sometimes is really hard, because during the day I just forget to take photo (like on day 7), but I hope that with time I'll remember to take one photo each day. :P Some of you said, that I should put writing above each photo, so I'm posting this post with writing first and then a photo. Let me know, if it's better that way.

Day 6: Shadow of a first letter of my name.

Day 7: Soon.

Day 8: Kongresni trg (Congress Square) in Ljubljana.

Day 9: Forehead braid.

Day 10: Ris: "Did you get something for me?"

Day 11: Selfie.

Day 12: Orchid.

Thank you for reading!