Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo On and on Bronze

Hi, everyone! Today I decided to review Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in shade On and on Bronze. I have this eyeshadow for some time now and it's become one of my favourite eyeshadows to use on a daily basis. I bet you all heard and already tried Color Tattoo eyeshadows, so I won't ramble about them and I'll go directly on the review.

On and on Bronze is a bronze shimmery cream eyeshadow. I like to use cream eyeshadows in summer for quick makeup or as a makeup base. After my Essence brown cream eyeshadows dried, I needed a new one and I was so happy, when these came in Slovenia, because this one is a perfect shade for everyday usage to me. I usually apply and blend it with fingers, because it's quicker, but it's easy to apply and blend with a brush, too. Because it's nice bleandable, you can use it a little to add a touch of color on your eyes or a bit more and use it as a base for darker smokey look. Eyeshadow comes in a transparent thick jar with a black lid, that has a label with writing on it. I like the packaging, because it's sturdy. It also has indigredients written on it (if you open label, where the arrow is), but I discovered that just today, so no photo of indigredients (but you can Google them, if you're interested).

Here's a swatch on my hand. The pigmentation and formula are really nice, it melts with contact of the skin. Because it's very pigmented, I use it little for one makeup, so I think this jar will last me for a very long time (I think it'll dry before I'll finish it). The only problem I have with it, is creasing. I have to use eyeshadow base underneath or set it with powdery eyeshadow, otherwise it creases. I can wear it alone for about 5, 6 hours, before it starts creasing. So the fact, that they last 24 hours on lid, doesn't hold to be true for me, but it does lasts longer, if I use eyeshadow base or set it after application.

I bought this eyeshadows in Tuš drugstore for about 5 €. On the lid it doesn't write, how much eyeshadow contains the lid, but the Google says 4 g. This amount will last me quite long. Color Tattoo eyeshadows are also available in Müller and DM. I think in Slovenia you can get 8 different shades. If I ignore creasing, I like it very much and I have 2 more shades on my WL: Mettalic Pomegranate and Permanent Taupe. I have a feeling, they will end up in my collection soon.

Have you tried Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows? Which shades do you like? Thank you for reading!

Getting Ready for Christmas #1: Not Yet But Almost

Hi, everyone! Few days ago I decided to join Getting Ready For Christmas challenge, that was created by Elsa from Like a Candy Shop blog (btw, this girl has amazing blog, so don't forget to follor her, if you don't follor her yet). There are 10 themes, which we can post whenever we want and what I like the most about this challenge is, that we can do makeup or nail art, so there's really a chance for everyone to express their ideas.

Because my nails are very short at the moment (I don't remember, when I filled them so short the last time), I decided to focus more on makeup for the beginning and when they'll grow a bit (in a week or two), I'll do some nail art too. For the first theme I painted them with colors, that match makeup, but I didn't do a separate photo of them. The first theme is not yet, but almost and here I had in mind to combine red, green and gold, because these three colors all mean Christmas to me. So I decided to do a green eye makeup with a pop of golden shade and red lips and cheeks.

I started with NYX Milk as a base. Then I used 3 different shades of green on the lid (Green Iguana from Sleek Curacao on inner third of the lid, green shade from MUA Glamour Nights in the middle of the lid and Green Martini from Sleek Curacao in outer V), but after I applied golden pigment (Essence A Piece of Forever) over them, the difrerence between them wasn't visible anymore. In inner corner of my eyes I used golden eyeshadow from MUA Glamour Nights palette. Under my eyes I use Catrice black kajal eye pencil an blend it with Ink from Sleek Ultra Matts V2 palette. As I highlighter under my brow I used Alverde Vanille.

For the cheeks and lips I decided to go with red color. With green on eyes I would normally combine nude lips, but because I don't find nude as a Christmas color, I decided to go bold and use a red lipstick. On my cheeks I'm wearing Essence Bloody Mary from Vampire's Love collection and on lips Essence Dare to Wear, a lipstick, that I simply adore. As you know, I like Essence lipsticks, but this one is probably the best of them all. I was wearing it on christening lunch two weeks ago, where I ate and drank and after 3 hours there was still a nice stain. Yes, it survived eating and drinking. After 3 hours I re-applied it, because I got a dry feeling on my lips, but yeah, it made an impression on me that day.

On my nubbins I painted Barry M Racing Green and Maybelline 145. Both polishes, I think, are perfect Christmas shades.

Products I used:
- NYX Milk
- Sleek Curacao (Green Iguana - inner third of the lid; Green Martini - outer V)
- MUA Glamour Nights (green - middle of the lid; gold - inner corner of the lid)
- Sleek Ultra Matts V2 Darks (Ink - under the eye)
- Alverde Vanille
- Catrice black kajal pencil from San Francisco palette
- Essence A Piece of Forever pigment from Essence Breaking Dawn collection
- Catrice Ink Waterproof Eyeliner Don't Move
- Catrice Glamour Volume mascara
- Catrice Eye brow stylist Date With Ash-ton (for brows)
- Bourjois Healthy Mix 02 Vanilla
- Essence Stay All Day Longlasting Concealer 02 Soft Beige
- Catrice camouflage cream in Ivory
- Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger highlighting powder
- Essence Vampire's Love Bloody Marry blush

- Essence Dare to Wear

And making a fool of myself for the end. :P

That's it for first theme. Sorry for picture spam, but I made so much photos and I didn't know, which photos to choose, so I posted them more. :) Don't forget to check Elsa's Facebook page, where she's going to post all the work of other participant, so you can see them all in one place.

Green eyes and red lips are not the combination, I would usually wear, but I like it. What do you think? Thank you for reading!

Lacura Jeans

Hi, everyone! Today I decided to show you a nail polish swatch of one very gorgeous polish - Lacura Jeans. Lacura is a Hofer's brand (Aldi in Germany) and the color choice isn't really big, but sometimes they have very interesting shades.

Lacura is a periwinkle cream shade with amazing pigmentation, it's opaque after one coat, but one must be careful with application, because the formula it's a bit thicker and you can quickly ruin your nice applied first coat. The brush is really nice and easy to work with, it's not too big or too small. I totally forgot to take a photo of a it, because I reviewed Lacura polishes once before and I thought I show it there, but I didn't (silly me). It's similar to the brush of old She polishes and also Misslyn polishes have the same shape, just their brush is a bit smaller. For the swatch I used 2 coats, as I always do. I'm noticing, that if I use only 1 coat, polish chips faster than with 2 coats.

I also upgraded it a bit, because I wanted to play with striping tape. I'm not using striping tape as often as I could, specially because with it one can make such amazing manicures. Here I decided to combine Lacura Jeans with Bourjois In the Navy and silver tape. Lacura and Bourjois actually look too close on photos, in person the colors are very different (as you know, In the Navy is a navy blue shade).

Lacura polishes are available in Hofer for 1,99 € and one bottle contains 10 ml of polish. They change colors here and there and sometimes they have gorgeous shades. I definitely recommend you to take a look at their polishes. I'm not sure, if this one is still available or not, because when I was the last time in Hofer, the stand was quite robbed and there were only boring shades left, but check in your nearest Hofer, maybe you'll find it.

What do you think about Lacura polishes, have you tried them? Do you like this shade? Thank you for reading!

Perfect Palette Tag

Hi, everyone! At the moment there are 2 tags going on on Youtube, that I like very much and  they are similar, but not the same. One is called My Ideal Palette and second one is called Perfect Palette. Today I wanted to post My Ideal Palette tag, but when I wanted to take photos for it, my bulb died an the weather outside isn't good enough to take photos, so instead of that I'm posting Perfect Palette tag today. My Ideal Palette tag will be posted on my blog as soon as I get a new bulb.

Perfect Palette tag was created by Iluvfaces1042, who filmed it with her doughter. You have to answer on 8 different questions and tell, why you chose a certain palette for that questions. My palette collection isn't small, but I mostly have palettes from Sleek, Beauty UK, MUA, Catrice, Essence and some other brands, from which I have mostly only one palette.

1. Best Packaging
Here I choose Essence palette Beauty on Tour from Ready for Boarding collection. Eyeshadows in this palette are not very good quality, but I love the packaging. It looks like a stamp, ho cute is that?

2. Best Color Payoff
In my collection the best color payoff have Inglot eyeshadows. I have a freedom system palette with 5 eyeshadows and all are amazingly pigmented. 

3. Most Vertasile
I probably have more palletes, that I can mention here, but I choose Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette. All eyeshadows are matte, but there are some brown coloured shades for natural look and many colorful shades for different colorful looks, from bright to dark ones. You can also do different coloured smoky looks with it, so I think this one is a perfect choice for this question.

4. Best for Traveling
I would say, that almost all my palettes are good for traveling, because none of them has a really big packaging, but I'm choosing Sleek Storm here. This is a perfect palette for traveling, because it has bright and dark shades, some mattes and some shimmers, so you can do different looks with it, from daily neutral to smoky looks for night out.

5. Biggest Regret
My biggest regret is definitely Beauty UK Pastels palette. The pigmentation of most eyeshadows is poor, the color combination is not my favourite and I never use it.

6. Best Color Names
Most of palettes I have, don't have any eyeshadow names, but from those, that do have, few of them have very pretty names. Here I was deciding between Catrice Paris, Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 and Sleek Vintage Romance and in the end I decided for Sleek Vintage Romance, because I think, they are a tiny bit more cute than in other two palettes. And they are all named by famous world cities.

7. Least Used
Here the decision was easy - NYX I Dream of St. Lucia. I used it only once, when I bought it. I actually don't remember anymore, why I got it. The pigmentation is amazing and colors are bright, perfect for bright and fun looks, but I never reach for it. I'll have to change that.

8. Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island
Here I have to go with Essence quatro palette Copper Rulez from Metallics collection. I never swatched this palette on my blog and I only mentioned it in Monthly Favourites of June, but I love this palette and I already hit pan on it. It has 4 shimmery brown coloured shades, that are great for everyday look and I often reach for it. Lately I combine it with Maybelline Oh and On Bronze eyeshadow. As I said I never swatched it on blog and my bulb died, so I didn't took a photo of it and I'm showing you a promo photo.

I won't tag anyone, but if you want to do this tag, feel free to do it, I would love to read you answers. Thank you for reading!

Illamasqua Wish List

Hi, everyone! Before I start, I have to tell you, that this is my 900th post. Wow, I wrote quite a lot posts in last 3,5 years, right? But now let's go to the post. Today I have for you my first wish list post. I haven't done any before, but many bloggers post them and they seem interesting to readers, so I hope, my readers will like it, too. I asked on Twitter, if you'd like to see my Illamasqua WL and quite few people were interested. I have Illamasqua on my WL, since it came in Slovenia, but the prices are pretty high, so I decided to bought me some products as a reward, when I graduate (which will be next year, because I can't apply for defense of my degree before Januar :(). But because I'll graduate next year, I will buy myself one product as a Christmas gift and while I was deciding, which one, I made an Illamasqua WL. I don't have many different products on my WL, because for the beginning I'm the most interested in powder blushes and lipsticks.

1. Illamasqua Powder Blusher (21,47 €)
Although I do like both creme and powder blushes, I prefer powder blushes a tiny bit more. Illamasqua has very interesting shades, but my favourite are Excite, Lover and Thrust. Excite is a vidid apricot shade, Lover is a soft apricot shade and Thrust a deep magenta pink shade. I think that one of these 3 blushes will be my first Illamasqua product. But I also like Hussy shade, so maybe I'll take Lover&Hussy duo blush instead of Lover alone.

I have this product on my WL, since I saw this video of Variola Vera, how she use it. Hollow is a toffee shade, as they say on Illamasqua site, and it's a multi-purpose product. It could be use for counturing, as an eyeshadow base and I really want to try it in the future to see, how it'll work for me.

Wisdom is described as "antiqued gold" on Illamasqua site and on many swatches it works as olive green shade with golden shimmer. It looks amazing and unique to me and I see myself wearing it every day. Because 21 € is quite a lot money for any eyeliner, please, let me know, if there's any cheaper eyeliner in similar shade.

Going through my collection of brushes I noticed I have only 2 blending brushes, so another one would be a nice addition. Judging from reviews this one does a great job.

I bet Illamasqua has great quality nail polishes, but telling the truth, many colors are not really unique and I can find similar shades for less money, specially for my nails, on which none polish lasts long. Fragile and Mottle are pretty unique shades, one blue and another mint with black glitter. But as it happens many times, there are also dupes for these 2 polishes. Flormar made a whole collection, called Black Dot and another dupe for Mottle showed Sandra on her blog. The polish is called Yes Love Speckled.

6. Illamasqua Lipstick (19, 68 €)
Another Illamasqua product, that I really want to try, because I've heard, that their lipsticks are very longlasting. At the moment I'm deciding between Eurydice (bright pink), Scandal (warm coral pink), Resist (deep rose pink) and Salacious (matt raspberry red). I would definitely try some more shades, but for the beginning I'm deciding between these four shades. Maybe I'll change my mind, when I'll swatch them in the store, but I really want to get a shade, that I'll wear a lot and it will look good on me.

Prices are from their website, I'm not sure, how much they cost by us, because I haven't had a chance to check their stand yet.

Have you tried Illamasqua products before? If yes, which ones do you recommend? If not, what do you have on your WL? Thank you for reading!

Fall Manicure: Bear

Hi, girls! Today I have a quick post for you to show you last fall themed manicure, I did, because in less than a month it will be officialy a winter and in December I'll probably start with some winter and Christmas themed manicures.

Here was actually the main idea to use plum shades with different finishes and on accent nail I decided to do a bear. For this manicure I used Essie Bahama Mama, P2 Seductive, OPI Don't Pretzel my Buttons, China Glaze Mahogany Magic and Maybelline 23.

What do you think about this manicure? Thank you for reading!

Slovenian Bloggers 11. 11. - 17. 11. 2013

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Sand Week: OPI Stay the Night

Hi, everyone! Today I'm showing you the last nail polish swatch in Sand Week and this one is by OPI Stay the Night. It was a part of Mariah Carey collection, that was released at the beginning of this year. I actually liked 3 polishes from this collection, but because they cost 12-13 € by us, which is a lot, I decided to get only one. I had a code for 40 % discount in online store Click2Chic ad I decided to get one polish along with my other purchase (I was buying Prolab shampoo, beause I have big problems with a hair loss). For 15 ml I payed around 7 €, which is a pretty good deal (OPI polishes cost 11,90 € on Click2Chic).

OPI Stay the Night is a black shade with red glitter. This one looked very interesting to me because of the red glitter. I'm not a huge fan of this polish, I would actually get blue one, if I wouldn't have 4 blue sand polishes already, but I still think it's pretty. From all sand polishes I tried it has the most liquidy formula, but it's easy to work with it and the brush is also nice, so this polish is really easy to apply. Drying time is good, although I think Golden Rose polish drys faster. In person is more matte, but my bulb in lighbox makes it look a bit more shiny than it really is. If you have longer nails, you'll might need 3 thin coats, but on my short nails 2 coats were enough. But I don't have a luck with longativity. As many other polishes this one chipped on my nails on a second day of wear.

This time I remembered to take a photo of this polish with a top coat. The glossy version is not bad, but I prefer it rough. I used 2 coats of top coat, but unfortunatelly the second was a bit too thick and it caused bubbles. 

I also compared 3 black polishes with sand finish, all 3 I showed you this week. None of them is actually a dupe. P2 Classy is the most black of them all and it has more holographic glitter in it than Essence Here's my Number. Essence has less black in it, some call it grey, but to me this is still black. OPI Stay the Night is the most different, because it has red glitter in it. P2 is the most rough from them all, Essence and OPI are less rough, but if I compare only Essence and OPI, they're the same on touch. I can't decide, which one is my favourite, because they are all pretty. Maybe P2, then OPI and then Essence.

Did you try any OPI sand polish? What do you think about this one? Thank you for reading!

My Favourite 5 Blushes to Wear

Hi, everyone! I was thinking for some time to write a post about my 5 favourite blushes, that I like to wear the most. I know, many bloggers did similar posts already, but I like to read posts about favourite products, so I decided to join them, too. While I was choosing 5 blushes, that I wear the most, I noticed, that most of them are from Essence limited edition colletion. But the choice is logical, because there was a time, when I bought a lot of their blushes and I like to wear them, because some of the colors are perfect for me.

This is a hot pink creamy blush, that actually becomes powdery, while you're applying it. It's easy to apply and blend with a brush. The shade it's just perfect and I'm a big fan of pink blushes.

This is a dusty pink cream blush and it was my go to blush during the summer. I always apply it with fingers and it goes smoothly on cheeks and it's also blendable. I love it, because it gaves my cheeks natural pinkish look.

Maybelline Colorama blush 501
This is a darker pinkish red powdery blush. It has amazing pay off and it's nice bleandable. This is one of my go to blushes for fall, the color it's just perfect. And it lasts really long on me.

This is a multicoloured blush, that has pink, orange and peach color in it, but on the swatch it looks more pinkish. On cheeks it looks more peachy, after a blend it. The reason for this color difference is probably in the fact, that I made heavy swatch with fingers on my hand and on cheeks I blend it with a brush and it looks more light. Beside Maybelline 501 this is my second go to fall blush.

This is actually a duo blush (orange and peachy), but I like the most both shades mixed together. They gave a nice coral shade together and at the moment this is my favourite coral blush. The pigmentation is not as good as by Maybelline 501, but still good enough and it's also buildable. It's very silky on touch and it's nice to blend.

I also have few photos to show you, how these blushes look on me. While I was searching for old makeup looks with these blushes, I noticed, that I haven't took any with Essence Mission Flower blush, so I'm only showing you looks with other 4 blushes. Please, ignore my eyebrows on first two photos, here I still didn't know, how to shape them, that they will look ok.

Essence Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Asian Sensation.
Essence Ballerina Backstage blush souffle in Prima Ballerina 
Maybelline Colorama 501 blush.

Essence Be Loud Ap-ri(c)ot blush

This post probably wasn't the most helpful, because I showed you mosty blushes, that are not available anymore, but I hope you still enjoyed reading it! Which ones are your favourite blushes? Thank you for reading!

Essence Here's My Number and Hey, Nude! (Sparkle Sand Effect) + Giveaway

Hi, everyone! Today I have for you swatches of 2 Essence sand nail polishes. I have to say, I was very excited, when I heard, that they'll release sand polishes, but then I was disappointed over color choice, because they released only 3 shades (black, beige, red). I really though there will be more colorful shades. Red one never convinced me, so I never took it for myself. But I did get black and beige polishes and these 2 I'm showing you today.

Here's my Number is a black shade with silver glitter and holographic shimmer. It's very similar to P2 Classy, only less black (the comparison will come tomorrow, when I'll show you another sand polish from black color family). Its formula it's ok and mine bottle has a nice brush, that makes application easy. I used 2 coats for this swatch.

I was on a hunt for Hey, Nude! for so long, because it was always sold out, and in the end I was disappointed. It's not the problem in the formula or anything, but in the color. From first swatches, that I saw on many blogs, I could say, that this polish was more "white" or better said, brighter, not so beige. Hey, Nude! it's a true beige color with silver glitter and multicoloured shimmer, which isn't really visible on swatches. It's not a bad shade at all, but I don't like it on me. The formula is sheerer than by Here's My Number, I used 2 thicker coats and my nail line is still visible.  I didn't want to use another coat, because it would look too thick. It would probably be good for layering, but I haven't try it that way, because as I said, it didn't convince me. Both polishes dry quickly, but if you want them to look glossy, you can use a top coat. 

On Essence and Catrice event I took Here's my Number and Me and my Lover to give them away to one of you, but I decided to add to this giveaway my bottle of Hey, Nude! I haven't wore it as a manicure, I just swatched it in 2 coats on four fingers. Other 2 bottles are new, but this one is already tried, so if you don't like used polishes, don't enter this giveaway. 

Otherwise, anyone can enter this giveaway. The only rule is, that you leave a comment under this post (telling anything you like about sand polishes, Essence polishes ...) along with your email adress (if you'll leave a comment, but not your email, I will consider, that you don't ant to enter this giveaway). If you're going to comment as anonymous (maybe you don't have a Google account), please, leave your name or nickname, otherwise I won't take your comment into a consideration. Giveaway is open for one week, it'll end on 28. 11. 2013 at Midnight. There will be only one winner. I'll contact her via email an she'll have 48 hours to answer, otherwise I'll choose another winner.

Good luck to everyone and thank you for reading!

EDIT: It's time to announce the winner. I used, which chose number 28. Lucky winner is zebra-nails. Congrats, girl! :)

Sand Week: Golden Rose Holiday 55

Hi, girls! On a third day of Sand Week series I'm showing you one of the most beautiful sand polishes in my stash - Golden Rose 55 from Holiday collection. I already show it on my blog before in one of my Random Sunday posts, but this polish is so beautiful, that it deserves its own post.

The brush is big and round and I'm not a fan of it, but luckily the formula is great, not too thich or runny and it's easy to work with it.

Golden Rose 55 (too bad, that it doesn't have a name, numbers are not interesting at all) is a light blue shade with silver glitter. The drying time is fast, I would say it drys faster than P2 or Catrice sand polishes. As I said before, formula is amazing and it makes  application easy. It's opaque after 2 coats. This polish is along with Misslyn Royal Blue and P2 Seductive in my top 3 sand nail polishes. Barry M Ridley Road is on fourth place and on fifth Barry M Station Road. Just so you know. :)

Have you tried Golden Rose sand polishes before? What do yut think about them? Thank you for reading!