10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 10: Favourite Summer Manicure

Hi, everyone! Another post today. This time I'm showing you the last manicure in 10 Days Summer Challenge. The theme for the last manicure was to show you our favourite manicure, that we wore through summer. Well, I wore the most textured and neon nail polishes, but because I showed you nail art with textured polishes in my previous post, I decided to use my 2 favourite neon polishes for the last manicure - China Glaze Sun Worshiper and China Glaze Highlight of my Summer. I added a simple flowers in opposite color on each nail. I also used She 115 and Depend 35.

Other girls, participating in this challenge:
 - Shadow
 It took me some time, but I manage to finish the challenge. Now I probably won't do any challenges for few weeks, but I'll continue with my Fashion Friday nail art series, when my nails will grow a bit (they are nubbins again).

What do you think about this manicure? Thank you for reading!

10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 9: Inspired by Summer Night Out

Hi, girls! I'm one day late with this post, because yesterday I was in Graz and when I came home, I was so tired, that I had to skip writing this post. The theme of day 9 in 10 Days Summer Challenge was "inspired by summer night out" and I have to admit, I didn't had a clue, what to do here, but then I got a suggestion on Twitter, that I should do cocktails. I thought, that's great a idea (although this year didn't drink any coctail), so I decided take as inspiration blue cocktail from this photo.

I decided to use textured polishes to create a bit different effect. I would use a white textured polish too, but I don't have it, so I used She 115 instead. Blue polishes are Misslyn Royal Blue and Catrice Quel Bleu Turquoise. I decided not to apply top coat, because I really liked the effect, that both textured polishes created. Although I probably applied a bit to much Catrice polish on my index finger.

Other girls, participating in this challenge:
 - Shadow


What do yout think about this manicure? Thank you for reading!

Slovenian Bloggers 19. - 25. 8. 2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to?

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Alja wrote about some gifts from UK.

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Katja showed us her outfit.

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Taya chosed her top 10 summer nail polishes.

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Katja shows you her denim shorts.

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10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 8: Summer Jewelry/Accessories

Hi, girls! I've been so bad with posting my manicures for 10 Days Summer Challenge, I should actually ended it 10 days ago, so I finally decided to edit photos and to publish all 3 manicures in next 3 days, because I already have brainstorming for my posts in September (I actually have so many ideas, that I could publish 2 posts per day every day. But I won't, because that would be too much).

Theme of day 8 was summer jewelry/accessories and for this manicure I chosed my favourite neon yellow earrings, that I bought last year in H&M. I did very simple desing. First I painted my nails with She 115 and then I used She 230 and Depend 35 for dots. I didn't do the exact desing as earrings look, because I wanted to make it as simple as possible.

Other girls, participating in this challenge:
 - Shadow


What do you think about this manicure and my earrings? Thank you for reading!

Empty #6

Hi, girls! Today I have an empties post for you. I really should start doing these posts more often, because until I take photos for these posts, there is a whole bunch of products to photograph and throw away and also it takes me a lot of time to write one post. I think next time I'm doing this post, when I'll finish less than 10 products.

Balea Erfrichendes Gesicht Wasser
I was using this product to clean my makeup (except my eye makeup). It worked really good, but lately I started using L'Oreal miceral water and I like it more, so I probably won't buy Balea product again, although I was satisfied with it and I finished few bottles. 
Repurchase: Probably not.

Balea Shower Gels
These gels are my favourites. Beside amazing scents they don't dry my skin and they're very cheap, they cost only 0,90 €. I finished scents chocolate-fig and brazil mango. I already bought backups of both gels and also some others. I think I have a stock for few months.
Repurchase: Always.

Balea Raiser Gel
I think I already mentioned in my last empties post, that these are amazing. They always have interesting LE scents, but during the summer I was using the regular ones, because other scents were always sold out, when I was in DM. They don't irritate my skin or leave it red, which I love. 
Repurchase: Definitely.

Ombia Wet Wipes
These wet wipes are amazing. I was using them mostly while swatching to clean my dirty hands. They smelled nicely and they cleaned everything. I liked them, because they were big and thick (Ebelin wet wipes are pretty thin). Unfortunatelly these are limited edition, but Hoffer releases them every now and then. I'm not sure, how many wet wipes was in this packaging, because it doesn't say on the packaging, but they lasted me for a very long time.
Repurchase: Yes, when they'll be available again.

Balea Hand Lotions
Another Balea product, that I keep repurchasing. I finished smells Raspberry and Dark Glamour. I like these lotion, because they soak into skin very quickly, don't feel heavy and mousturize my skin.
Repurchase: Already did, but other scents.

You probably already heard a lot about this product. To me is great, it mousturizes my skin perfectly, doesn't feel heavy on my skin and one packaging lasts me quite some time.
Repurchase: Already did.

Very nice hand cream, that smells divine. I finished one packaging, but luckily I still have 2 more. 
Repurchase: I would, but it was LE. I still have 2 backups.

Balea Q10 Handcream
This was my go to cream, while I was still visiting classes. I wore it with me in my purse  everywhere I went. It's a bit heavier cream than Essence one or Bale lotions, but it soaks into skin quickly and it mousturizes them nicely. It doesn't left greasy feeling, that's why I loved to wear it with me. Now I'm mostly at home, where I'm using hand lotions, so I haven't repurchase it for a while now.
Repurchase: Maybe.

Ombia Care Cosmetics Pad
Nice pads, but not as good as others, I tried.
Repurchase: No.

Duchesse Cotton Pad
These are very nice cotton pads and I was using them to remove my polish and to clean my makeup, but now I discovered Ebelin cotton pads, which I like a tiny bit more, so I probably won't buy Duchesse again.
Repurchase: Probably not.

Balea Refreshing and Cleaning Wipes
I'm using these wibes mostly, when I go somewhere, if I need to refresh my face (and I don't wear makeup) or need to clean my hands. Otherwise they're also great for cleaning makeup, although they don't clean mascara nicely. 
Repurchase: Yes.

Duchesse Intimate Wipes
I liked these, they did their job nicely. 
Repurchase: Yes.

Duchese Cosmetics Sticks
These sticks have one side pointed and one flat. I'm using them for makeup (to clean mistakes) or cleaning nail polish, when I'm doing nail art.
Repurchase: Yes.

Essence 4in1 Nail File
I use this file to file my nails down and to smooth them. To me it works great and I'm always repurchasing it.
Repurchase: Yes.

This was my favourite cream eyeshadow, until it didn't dry. Well, I already have it for 2 years, so I'm not surprised. 
Repurchase: No.

Lip Smacker Coca Cola Vanille
Very good lip balm and beside the fact, that it mousturizes my lips, it smells divine.
Repurchase: Probably yes.

Essence Kiss Care Love Fruit Crush
Not bad lip balm, although I must admit, I prefer shades Purple Berries and Fruitylicious, to me they worked better.
Repurchase: No.

Montagne Jeunesse Masks
I tried 2 mask so far: Passion Peel Off and Schlam Maske and I liked them. They cleaned my skin nicely and they left it soft. I'm planning to write a longer review about these masks, I just don't know, when (I still have one to try out).
Repurchase: Maybe.

Have you tried any of products I used up? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

China Glaze Highlight of my Summer

Hi, everyone! I went through my blogposts and I noticed, that it's been more than a month, since I last posted nail polishes swatches, so I decided, that today I have to change that. I'm going to show you one of my summer favourite nail polishes - China Glaze Highlight of my Summer.

Higlihlight of my Summer is probably the most gorgeous neon green shade, I saw in my life. It's a creme shade, but it needs 3 coats, because after 2 application still looks uneven. It drys matte, but here on swatches I used 3 coats and a top coat. It doesn't last long, at least not on me, because it chips after 1 day, but it doesn't matter, I still adore it. Luckily China Glaze polishes have 14 ml. I have a feeling, I'm going to wear it a lot in fall and winter too. This polish was a part of China Glaze's summer 2013 collection Sunsational  (Slovenian ladies can buy it here). I also have one more polish from this collection on my WL, a Sun of a Peach shade, I hope I'll get my hands on this one one day too.

What do you think about this neon shade, do you like it or you're not a fan? Thank you for reading!

How To Make a Braided Bun

Hi, girls! Some time ago I showed you one of my go to summer hairstyles - a braided bun. Many of you asked me, how I do it, so I decided to film a video. I have very long hair, but I'm sure, it will work with a bit shorter hair too (it's probably enough, if braid goes around your bun once).

I was filming a video in my room, where I don't have a mirror, so I actually didn't had a clue, if I was doing it good or not. And I kinda always make my buns more on my left side, never right in the middle of my head.

I didn't mention in the video, but you'll need:
- 2 bigger hair elastics
- a hair doughnut
- 1 or 2 clear hair elasctics
- few hair pins

P. S. Ignore that yellow elastic on a back of my shirt, I forgot to cut it off. I didn't notice that until I didn't edit a video and I didn't want to re-film it, because I already out so much time in this one. :/

I hope you like this video and you'll try to do this bun yourself too. Thank you for reading!

Random Sunday #38

Hi, girls! I haven't done Random Sunday for ages and because I took few photos in last few weeks, I decided to post one today finally. It's actually Monday already, because it's already one, but it doesn't matter, I'll name it Random Sunday anyway. 

There was a little surprise hiding in this cute bag for me.

It was Essie Bahama Mama, a gorgeous plum color.

Some time ago I won a giveaway on Zebra-nails blog and last week I received my package. Beside giveaway prize she send me few more goodies.

First polish, I tried, was Golden Rose Holiday number 55, a beautiful glitter blue polish.

Another photo of my manicure with GR polish in the sun.

There's no better plac for sleeping as shoes. That's what Taček thinks.

One of the things, that made me busy last 2 weeks. We have 2 fields of pumpkins and we clean them all manual and that takes some time.


Just I. :)

Baby cola.

Cooking home-made tomato souce (it's actually mezga in Slovene, but disctionary translated that into a jam, which is not a correct word and I'm not even sure, if souce is a correct word for this). I prefer it over ketchup, which I try to avoid, so I decided to cook some tomato souce at home. I probably haven't told you yet, but I could totally live only from eating tomato and tuna.

I got a sample of famous Moroccanoil with magazine Elle. I haven't try it yet, but as soon as I will, I'lll let you know, what I think about it (so follow me on Twitter or Facebook ;)).

Pizza. It's a bit more "healthy" version, because I used spelt flour and home made tomato souce plus a lot of vegetable.

This weekend I did a bit of shopping. I bought Aveo remover again, because after a month of using Essence one I didn't notice any difference on my nails (they still break like crazy), so it probably wasn't the problem in acetone. I also got Essence I Love Extreme mascara, Catrice eyeliner, Catrice lipstick, tweezers and 2 Vollare polishes.

And swach of both Vollare polishes. They have numbers 40/1 and 40/2, quite boring. but they're pretty shades. 
Excuse my horrible nails situation, they just can't stop breaking.

I hope, you'll have amazing week. Thank you for reading!

Review: Essence Brushes

Hi, girls! Today I want to talk about Essence brushes. They have 5 brushes for face and I own them all. Well, except of their beauty blender, I haven't tried that one yet. They're pretty cheap, but the quality depends, some are very good for the price and some are crap.

Essence brushes have sintetic bristles and a black holder. Powder and blush brush have smaller holder than brushes for eyes. They're pretty soft and easy to clean, they don't lose bristles while washing.

Powder Brush
I think this is ok brush. It has very soft bristles and it does its job ok. I use it to apply mattifying powder and it applied it nicely, but lately I rather use Ebelin powder brush, which is bigger and easier to work with. Sometimes I also use it for highlighting cheaks, although I think it's a bit too big for that. For this price around 3,5 € this is a good brush.

Eyeliner brush
I have an eyeliner brush with blue bristles, now you can get the one with purple bristles (although I think, it's discountinued and in Fall they'll release eyeliner brush with pink bristles). I like this brush, I use it to fill my brows and it does it's job great. Here and there I also use it for applying gel liner, although I think, it makes a bit too thick line (or the problem it's with me, I just always make it too thick). Otherwise it applys gel liner very nicely. The one with purple bristles I was using to clean polish after application and it did nice job, just it was losing bristles very quickly and I had to buy new brush every 2 months, which I didn't like that much, but I guess it didn't get along with aceton. But if I conclude, I do like this brush, specially for filling my brows and I do recommend it. It costs 1,29 €, if I'm right.

Smoky Eyes brush
This is probably my favourite brush from Essence. I have 2 of them already. Although I noticed the difference between bristles, first one has very soft  and the second one has harder bristles. I don't know, why there's difference. I use this brush to apply eyeshadow in my crease and to blend it and it really makes its job great. I also read, that some girls use it for blending concealer, so it's a multitasker. The price is around 2 €, which is pretty cheap. I do recommend you to get this one.

Eyeshadow brush
I'm not very impressed with this brush. When I first cleaned it, it left color like crazy, the washbowl was all purple. That never happend to me with any Essence brush before. The bristles are a bit strange, they feel scratchy on lids. At the beginning it also left bristles while washing, but now that doesn't happen anymore. I use it mostly for cream eyeshadows, I think it works the best with them. Although it's cheap (1,5-2 €), I think you can easly skip this one, there are better eyeshadow brushes in our drugstore (Ecotools). 

Blush brush
I already talked about this brush in post about dissapointing products. It has less softer bristles than other brushes and after few washes it became strange. It lost it's form and bristles separated, they just left too much space in the middle of the brush (it's not dense at all). It also doesn't blend blush nicely, so I don't use it at all anymore. I think it costs around 3 €. Avoid this brush, it's not worth the money.

I do recommend smoky eyes and eyeliner brush, do not recommend blush and eyeshadow brush and about powder brush I think it's ok.

Have you tried Essence brushes? What do you think about them?

My Top 10 Summer Nail Polishes

Hi, girls! In my previous post I promised you a post with my 10 favourite nail polishes for summer (better late than never, right? :D), but last few days I felt so bad, that I didn't had any energy to write this post, but here it is today (this is probably only post in My top (10) series, that won't be published on Wednesday).

Choosing only 10 polishes was a really hard task, because I love them many many more, but I reduced my selection on 10 nail polishes, that I used the most alone or for nail art. Although I adore neons, I have only two neons in my favourites, because those two I was using the most. This summer was probably my favourite finish the sand one, I have three sand polishes in my favourites and I would probably have them more, if I wouldn't using some other polishes more. As you can see on photos, my summer was all about greens and blues, but these two colors are my favourite to wear all year around, so that's not surprising.

 A gorgeous navy blue shade, I was using it mostly for nail art (also as a base).

A bright blue shade, that I wore a lot alone and also used it a lot for nail art.

Probably my all time favourite polish, a royal blue shade with sand finish, that I wear every time, when I have no idea, what to put on my nails.

China Glaze Highlight of my Summer
I won this polish in a giveaway and it was a love at first painting. I love it even more that Ruby Kisses Tropical Green, which was my favourite neon green shade before I got this one. 

I was deciding between this one and Bourjois Turquoise Block, but I wore Barry M more, so I had to place it in my summer favourites. It's very pretty bright green shade, that I wore the most on my toes.

A mint shade with sand finish, that I wore a lot alone, it looks so pretty on nails.

This is my favourite yellow shade this summer, I wore it much more that I thought I will. When I wanted to use a yellow for nail art, I always reached for this shade.

 My second favourite yellow, I adore it because of its sand finish.

China Glaze Sun Worshiper
I can't believe, I still haven't swatch this polish, I adore it, my second favourite neon shade in my collection (what can I say, I love green more). It's a peachy shade and it looks even more amazing in person. I wear this one all year, not only in summer.

This one was a part of Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach TE 2 years ago, but this year I wore it a lot, because it's just a perfect vidid orange shade for summer.

What do you think about my selection? Which were your favourite summer nail polishes? Thank you for reading!

FOTD: Inspired by a Sunset

Hi, girls! Today I asked you on my Facebook page, which post you want to read today and you were interested the most in my makeup look, inspired by a sunset, so here it is. I was doing this look for Maybelline contest on Facebook and in the end I was one of 10 lucky winners. Yay, that means few new Maybelline goodies for me. :)

Eye makeup was inspired by colors of sunset (except red, which I didn't want to use). I was very surprised, when I saw photos, because colors looked more vibrant in person and on photos makeup looks very gentle (specially purple color). I wanted to use my Sleek Curacao palette for this look. I used only 3 color, because on a day, when I was doing this look, I didn't had much time to play with makeup. I used Screwdriver, Tequila Sunrise and Purple Haze.

Used products:
- Deborah 5in1 BB Cream Fair (01)
- Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder
- Essence Blossoms etc... Multi Colour Powder Flower Power
- Catrice camouflage cream in Ivory
- Essence Ballerina Backstage blush souffle in Prima Ballerina 

- Sleek Curacao palette 
- Eveline Liquid Precision eyeliner 2000 Procent Black
- L'Oreal False Lash Wings mascara
- Catrice Eye brow stylist Date With Ash-ton (for brows)

- Maybelline Color Whispers Faint For Fuchsia

Sorry, that I bombed you with photos today, but I really like this look. For Wednesday I prepared post with my top 10 nail polishes for summer (better late than never :D) and after that I'm taking a little blog break till Sunday, probably (maybe even longer). I do have a lot of posts in plan to write, I'm also going to finish 10 Days Summer challenge (I already did manicures, I just haven't edit photos yet), but lately I have many other things to do and in the end of the day I just don't have enough energy to write posts. Hopefully in September I'll be back on track to post regular again. That also means, that I'll continue with blog series, I started (Monday Palette Review, Fashion Friday) in September.

What do you think about this look? Thank you for reading!