Ruby Kisses Deal with the Devil + Snowman Nail Art (Tutorial)

Hi, everyone! I planned this post for yesterday, but I had such a horrible headache, that I decided to write it this morning. In this post I'm going to show you a nail polish, that I got from Click2Chic as a gift, because I allow them to use some of my swatches. And I wanted to post swatches quickly, because I think this is a perfect shade for this season.

The name of this polish is Deal with the Devil by Ruby Kisses. Well, the name is not really season appropriate (Happy December and so on, but it does reminds me on Supernatural), but the shade is. It's a dark blue shimmery shade. Its formula it's really nice, not too thick or too runny, but just perfect and it applys like butter. Ruby Kisses polishes are big 3 free, but they have quite unpleasant smell, which can be quite annoying, specially in winter, when you're applying polish in a room with closed window, but the smell dissapears after some time on nails.

For these swatches I used 2 coats. Ruby Kisses polishes are pretty big, they contain 15 ml of polish like OPI, just that they are much cheaper. In past these were available in DM and Müller, but now you can find them in round bottle in Müller and on Click2Chic.

Because this shade is a perfect for winter season, I decided to do some winter nail art. On my ring finger I did a snowman, for which I used Maybelline 23, She 115, OPI I Have a Herring Problem and Essence Orange Sunset. On other nails I decided to do snowflakes. First I applied one coat of Catrice Godfather of Pearl over Ruby Kisses shade and then I used She 115 to draw snowflakes.

I also made a quick tutorial for snowman:
Step 1: Apply your base color. 
Step 2: For this step you can use a dotting took or a thin brush. I used a dotting tool and first I did a bigger circle with white polish and above it one smaller and then I filled them both with white polish. 
Step 3: Use any color you like and draw a line between both circles for a scarf. I also draw a hat, but it's not visible, because the hat is black and the base color is very dark.
Step 4: Use a dotting tool and a black polish to draw eyes in upper circle and buttons in lower circle. 
Step 5: Use a thin brush and an orange shade to draw nose in upper circle.
Step 6: Wait few minutes for everything to dry, so you won't smudge your manicure and then apply a top coat to seal it.

What do you think about Ruby Kisses Deal with the Devil, do you like the shade? What about my nail art? Thank you for reading!

25 komentarjev

  1. The snowman is really cute
    And i love that blue

  2. Meni je ful lep odtenek. In snežak je luškan :))

  3. Wah lep modri odtenek :) Drugače pa mi je všeč snežinke na tej podlagi :) Pa snežak je tudi luškan :)


  4. Ruby Kisses is beautiful, i like this blue :) And your nail art is great! :)

  5. Lep odtenek:) To imaš potem še kakšnega z bleščicami prek tega? Ker izgleda zelo dobro skupaj:)

    1. Ja, Catrice Godfather of Pearl imam čez. Je bil del ene stare LE. :)

  6. preslatka manikura :D
    moram i ja svog snjegovića napraviti ovih dana

  7. Divna mi je nijansa :D Ali mi se vise svidjaju snjesko i pahuljice :D

  8. predivno! jedna od najljepših manikura :)

  9. Gorgeous nail polish and adorable manicure! <3

  10. The snowman is sooo cute! And the polish is really pretty, I love deep blue polishes!