Review: OMG Nail Polish Strips - Shooting Stars

Hi, everyone! Today I'm showing you a manicure I wore few days ago. Some time ago I was contacted by OMG Nail Strips, if I want to try some nail strips and do a review for them. I said yes and I could choose 2 different strips designs. The one, I'm going to show you today, is called Shooting Stars and is blue with strips and starts. If you're wondering, why my application is a bit clumsy, is because these are the first strips I've ever tried. Otherwise they're easy to apply, I just need a bit of practise.

You get 14 strips in the packaging, so you can choose those, that will fit the best on your nails. If you have to hurry with your manicure, these are great. You apply them in few minutes, apply top coat over them and you're done. Because I've been more practising with these than anything else (as I said before, these are the first strips I've ever tried), I'm going to write more about application in next few days, when I'm going to show you the second design. I wore these without top coat and they chip on my nails on a second day of wear, which normally happens with any nail polish as well. They should last 10 days on nails with top coat, but I'm not sure, I could wear them so long, because I get easly bored of the same design or color on my nails.

Because you get 14 strips in packaging and you use them only 10 (if you're doing a full manicure), I decided to include in this post few ideas, what you can do with remainder of strips:
- accent nail - you can trim strips on edges, so they will fit your nails and use them on an accent nail with the rest of your manicure.
- stripes - you can cut them on few equal stripes and do a stripe manicure with them.
- you can also use scissors, that have different looking blade to do more fun manicure.
- you can also use a paper punch to do circles from strips and then place them randomly on your nails ...


You can get nail polish strips on OMG Nail Strips site for 7,99$. Also check out their Facebook page to see more desings and manicures of fellow nail polish bloggers.

Have you tried nail polish strips before? What about OMG nail polish strips? Do you like this desing? Thank you for reading!

*This product was sent to me for review.