Review: OMG Nail Polish Strips Red Snowflake

Hi, everyone! Today I'm going to review the second nail polish strips, that I received for review from OMG Nail Strips. They are called Red Snowflake and the name says it all. Strips have cute white snowflakes on a red base. Before I received these strips, I didn't had any expectations, but now, when I tested both, I have to say, I like them a lot. I'm usually not very into stickers, stripes and similar, because I love to create on my nails, but these impressed me, because after a whole day of work in the forest today (+some cleaning) there's only a minimal tip wear and that's a lot for my nails (I'm wearing them for a second day). Any polish I would wear would chip by now or even peel of my nail. If you're one of those girls, who's nail polish lasts for a week or so, I bet these would last so long as well. Although I'm not sure, I could wear them so long, because I get easly bored of the same manicure.

In my previous post I said, I'm going to tell you more about application. It's actually very easy, you just have to follow some instructions: 
1. You should soak your hands in a warm water for 5 minutes, then dry them and gently put your cuticles back. Then carefully remove any excess skin around nail bed. 
2. Then apply hand lotion on your hands and wait 1 minute.
3. After that remove any leftover lotion from your nail bed with a Q-tip and be special careful to the sidewalls, cuticle area and the tip of the fingernail.
4. Select the appropriate sized nail strip for each nail to ensure the nail will be covered from sidewall to sidewall. If the nail strip is too large, trim it.
5. Then peel of the clear coaring and careful remove the nail polish strip from the sticker backing. 
6. Start by placing the round end of the nail strip along the base of the cuticle. Smooth the strip along the base of the cuticle towards the tip of the nail.
7. After that file away any excess nail strip by holding your nail file parallel to the surface you are working on.
8. In the end just apply a top coat and wait few minutes till it drys. Top coat will make sure, that nail polis strips will last longer on your nails.

I have to admit, I didn't soak my hands in warm water for 5 minutes, because I always use hand lotion first and then I wash my hands with a soap in warm water. That way I remove all the access oil from my nails and after that I try not to tuch them.They don't say anything about base coat, but I did use it, because I use it with every manicure. I can't wear anything on my nails without BC. But the application was easy anyway. If base coat is dry, it doesn't cause any problems.The removal is a bit tricky, they don't remove as easy as nail polish, you have to rub a bit more to remove them, so I suggest you to use foil technique, if you don't want to damage your nail bed or press the cotton pad on nail for few second, so that the strip softens a bit and them remove it.

OMG nail polis strips are available on OMG Nail Strips site and they costs $7,99 (5,85 €). I think these are great, if you don't have a lot of time to do your nails and you want that your manicure will look like you put a lot of effort in it. Because you receive 14 strips in one packaging and you won't use them all for one manicure, check out my previous post, where I wrote few advices, how to use extra strips. I'm talking about nail polish strips all the time, but I forgot to mention, that these are made from real nail polish. If I would decided between these 2 desings, I got (Red Snowflake and Shooting Stars), I'd choose Red Snowflake, probably because it looks more Christmasy and at the moment I'm deep into a Christmas mood (only few days till Christmas). :)

I would almost forget. At the moment they're offering 2 coupon codes: use "4pack" code to get 4 sets of nail polish strips for $20 and "10pack" code to get 10 sets of nail polish strips for $45.

Have you tried nail polish strips before? Which ones are your favourite? What do you think about OMG nail polish strips? Thank you for reading!
*This products was send to me for review.

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