Review and Swatches: Maybelline Colorama Blushes in 201 and 501 (+Giveaway)

Hi, everyone! Let's take a little brake from Christmas themes today, shall we, and do a review of blushes  today. I rambled about Maybelline 501 blush many times and you saw it on me many times, too, when I posted different looks, because I just adore it, it's perfect shade. I also bought 201 blush with it, but I don't use it that much, because I prefer 501.

Before I got these 2 blushes, I read many reviews about them and 501 had very good reviews, girls loved it. I decided to buy 201 too, because I love pink blushes and the price was low. 501 looks like dark burgundy red in the packaging, but on cheeks it looks more like pinkish red. 201 is a bright pinkish shade, that looks spft pinkish on cheeks. Both contain a lot of shimmer, which isn't that visible on cheeks and luckily it's not overhelming. I noticed, that the quality of the blushes is different, 501 is much much better than 201. 501 lasts one me around 6-7 hours, if I apply it more heavy, even 10 hours (although it fades away a bit, but it leaves gentle rosy look). Well 201 is totally opposite, it lasts only like 4 hours, even if I apply it more heavy.

The packaging is black plastic with a transparent lid, that has written the name of the brand on it. On the back it has written indigredients. They're very soft on touch and the pigmentation of both is amazing. Application is easy, I always apply them with my Ecotools blush brush and they blend nicely. I haven't wore 201 much, but I wear 501 all the time and I have to be careful with application, because I can easly take too much blush with a brush and apply it too much on my cheeks.  

And this is how they both look on me. I made few looks with 501 blush, but none with 201 yet, so I have to change that in the future. I like both blushes, but 501 is definitely one of my favourites.

On the packaging it doesn't say, how much product does it contain, but the price is 2,89 €, if I remember correctly, which is cheap for such a great product, if you ask me. I think there are 6 different shades, one is white, which would be great as a highlighter and they're available in Müller (in Slovenia). I would recommend you to try these, because they have great quality and are not expensive at all.

I also have both blushes to give away to one of you. All you have to do, is be my follower on GFC, Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else and fill the form below. Giveaway will end on 26. 12. 2013. It's open international. Good luck!

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Have you tried Maybelline blushes before? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!