Random Sunday #44

Hello, everyone! I'm here today with my last Random Sunday for this year. At the beginning of this year I was still posting it frequently, but in second half of this year random posts became very rare, because I didn't take so much photos anymore, but I'll continue with Random Sunday posts in 2014 and I'll try to post them more often than once a month.

Our Christmas tree.

A little honey man. My mom was doing honey cookies, so I decided to be a bit creative. (In Slovene they're called "medenjaki", but they're not the same as gingerbread, so I can't call it a gingerbread man. It's honey man, because these cookies ae from honey, flour and eggs. :P)

Next day we did a bit more honey men. :)

My purchase from Destination Pretty. If you don't know, this shop is owned by Slovenian beauty blogger Sandra (The Puzzle of Sandra's Life) and it has some pretty cute stuff. I got Etude House blush in Grapefruit Jelly and you could see it on me in my last few posts, but in a week or so there'll be also a review of it.

Snowflake manicure. I wasn't the most satisfied with it, so I did another one for challenge post, but this one I decided to post in Random Sunday.

 I wanted to post this manicure with title Santa Claus is coming to town, but in the end there wasn't enought time to post it (before Christmas, after that I didn't see a point of posting it). I even made a tutorial for each nail. Oh, well. At least you'll see it Random Sunday post.

And for the end my purchase from Essence Kalinka Beauty TE. I got blush East Side Story and polish Absolut Blue. I'm already trying both, so post will be in few days (probably in new year, because I'm planning some MU looks for New Year's in next 2 days).

Thank you for reading!