Random Sunday #42

Hi, everyone! After more than a month I finally have a new Random Sunday post for you. It's already December, the last month of this year. Idk, why, but this year I'm really looking foward to Christmas holidays. This year I'm planning to do some DIY Christmas decorations, I just have to get some great ideas. But you'll see everything on my blog, when I'll finish it.

"The sky is burning." My first thought, when I saw this gorgeous sunset (it looked even better in person).

C for Catrice. I was playing around with eyeshadows, when I was taking photos for October's new in post.

Oak tree in the sunshine. All trees already lost their leaves, but this oak not yet and it looks gorgeous in the sun becase of orange, yellow and brown coloured leaves.

Lipstick stain. That happens, when you drink coffee with a red lipstick on.

Finally some Essie polishes for a cheaper price than 10 €. Already got few, more you gonna see next week in haul post.

Sweet Winter. I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate, but mixed with brown chocolate it tastes good.

Fried rice, that I prepared by Sandra's from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life recipe. It was so delicious. You can read the recipe here.

Our advent wreth, made by my mom's friend. It's so pretty.

Little haul from Müller. More in my haul post next week. OPI polishes and L'Oreal eyeshadows were both on sale, L'Oreal eyeshadow was 5 € and OPI polishes less than 8 €.

A surprise from Click2Chick store, because I allowed them to use some of the swatches from my blog.


And Taček. On the second photo he was checking, if there were any mice out there.

Photo, that I forgot to include in my Christmas challenge post, so I'm posting it today.

Manicure from some time ago. As a base I used Catrice Vino Tinto and over it I layered Glam Nails Larissa.

And this is my NOTD from today. I saw this gorgeous snowy manicure on Fall in Nailove blog and I decided to recreate it. Mine isn't as perfect as hers, but I like it. And it definitely holds to be true for me, better snow on nails than outside. 

That's it for today. I wish you all Happy December, make it the best months of this year. Thank you for reading!