New In (November)

Hi, everyone! I finally have one shorter New in post for you. Thank god, my last 2 were really crazy. And most of these things you see, I bought myself. I tried to make November "no cosmetics buy" month, but then I got Essie coupon and OPI were on sale ... Sometimes you just can't resist ...

I got new bottle of L'oreal micellar water, because I almost finished first bottle and I really liked it, so I decided to repurchase it. I have photos for review prepared for sooo long, I just have to write it once in the future. I also got Prolab shampoo against hair loss, because I'm loosing hair like crazy. I washed my hair with it four times and I still can't decide, if I like it or not. I noticed the growth of small hair on my forehead, but I'm still loosing a lot of hair. Well, I'll use it for few weeks more and then I'll write a review about it. I got some Duchesse intimate wipes and a new brush from Ulala. They sell it in DM now. I really like it, combing is easier with it.

I also got some new OPI polishes, because they were on sale. I would never pay 13 € for them, but 7-8 € is much better price. I got Stay the Night on Click2chic and in Müller I got Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh and I Have a Herring Problem.

I already used my Essie 50 %  coupon and I got Nourish Me base coat, because many Slovenian bloggers rave about it, and shades Vested Interest and Mind Your Mittens. MYM is such an interesting shade. In the bottle it looks dark grey with blue undertone, but when I used it as a part of my snowy manicure, it looked black. I have to wear it alone to see, how it'll look on my nails, but it's very lovely shade.

From Slovenian online store Click2chic I got a sample of Chloe eau de parfum and Ruby Kisses Deal With the Devil nail polish, because I allowed them to use some of my swatches on their FB page and they send me something to thank me. I really like both ptoducts, so I have to thank them, too.

And the last product I forgot to add on a separate photo, is L'Oreal eyeshadow in shade Bronze Goddes and it was on sale for 5 €, so I instantly bought it. The color is very pretty, so I can't wait to try it. 
I'll swatch all polishes I got, but I can't promise you, when swatches will be posted on my blog, I have many other post in plan to publish first.

What do you think about my November haul? Is there anything, you particularly like? What did you get last month? Thank you for reading!