My Ideal Palette Tag

Hi, everyone! Last week I did a Perfect Palette tag and this week I'm doing My Ideal Palette tag. The creator of this tag is Youtuber Carah Amelie. If you click here, you can see her video. I really love this tag, but I have to admit, that it was very hard to choose only 10 eyeshadows for this tag, because I have so many, that I love. Rules are, that you have to choose 2 eyeshadows for highlighting, lids, crease, outer V and 2 extra eyeshadows. In the end you also have to mention the packaging, you would like to have for your palette. After some time of thinking I choose 10 shades, that I'm presenting you in this post.

2 Highlight Colors
2 Lid Colors
2 Crease Colors
2 Outer Corner Shadows
2 Bonus Shadows
Palette Packaging

 Highlight Color: Alverde Vanille
The funny thing with this eyeshadow is, that I use it all the time and it looks like I haven't use it at all. It's not one of the best pigmented eyeshadows, but I adore it. It's a beige matt shade and I like to use it as a highlighter under my eyebrows or to blend with it an eyeshadow on my browbone.

Highlight Color: Sleek Storm eyeshadow 2
Eyeshadows in Sleek Storm palette don't have any names, so I named it eyeshadow 2, because it's a second in a row. It's a lovely shimmery beige shade. I'm not a fan of shimmery highlighters under my eyebrow, so I would use this one in my inner corver, where it would look perfectly.

 Lid Color: Essence Copper Rulez! shade 2
 Copper Rulez is a palette from Essence Metallics limited collection and I'm glad I got it. Shades don't have any names, but this one is a second in a row, so I named it shade 2. This is probably one of the rare eyeshadows I hit pan on. It's a bronzy-brown shimmery shade and it looks amazing on lids.

Lid Color: Sleek Storm eyeshadow 5 
 This is a pinkish eyeshadow and usually I'm not a fan of them, but this one looks really pretty on lids and when I was still using Sleek Storm palette more frequently, I always used this one on my lids. And it's also very nice pigmented.

 Crease Color: Sleek Storm eyeshadows 7
 Why don't these have any names? This is a third and the last eyeshadow I chose from this palette. It's a chocolate brown metallic shade with a great pigmentation. Love it.

Crease Color: Sleek Vintage Romance A Wow in Venice
This is one of the eyeshadows, that I love the most to use it in my crease for my fall look and I would definitely love to have it in my ideal palette. It's a maroon shade with good pigmentation.

 Outer Corner Color: Sleek Chaos eyeshadow 12
 Most of the Sleek palettes have a matt black eyeshadow, but this one in Chaos palette has the best pigmentation of them all. On swatch you see only one pull on hand with my finger. I love to use black eyeshadow in outer V to add a more depth to a look, so a black eyeshadow is a must in my ideal palette.

Outer Corner Color: MUA Dusk til Dawn eyeshadow 12
 This is a duochrome purple shade and it looks amazing. And it's dark, so I would use it a lot in outer V.

Bonus Shadow: Sleek Vintage Romance Meet in Madrid
My ideal palette wouldn't be ideal, if it wouldn't have any golden shade. This is a metallic golden eyeshadow from Vintage Romance palette. I have many palettes, that have golden eyeshadow, but this one is my favourite. It's just perfect. I would use it over my lid or as a highlighter in my inner corner.

Bonus Shadow: Sleek Ultra Matts V2 Darks Paper Bad
 Ideal palette wouldn't be ideal, if it wouldn't had any eyeshadow for brows. I don't have any palette, that would have an eyeshadow color, that would match my brows, but I think Paper Bag would look good on them.

Palete Packaging: Sleek. It's simple, not too big, so it's great for traveling and it's sturdy.

This is how my eyeshadows palette would look. Most of eyeshadows are shimmery, but you know, that I love shimmery eyeshadows. And it's also not surprising, that most of the eyeshadows are from Sleek palettes, because I love them, they are my favourite. Not all of these eyeshadows have great quality (black from Sleek Chaos palette is a bit chalky, purple from MUA Dusk til Dawn also, some of them fall out ...), but I chose them, because I love the colors and I love, how they look together. I also didn't realize before writing this post, that most of the eyeshadows don't have any name. Mine palette would totaly have some cute names for each eyeshadow.

This time I decided to tag few people, because I really want to see their choices, so here they are:

If you like this tag and I didn't tag you, feel free to do it. :)

What do you think about my "ideal palette"? Thank you for reading!