How To: Nail Polish Ornaments

Hi, everyone! Because I lot of you asked for a separate post for DIY nail polish ornaments, here it is. My boyfriend helped me to take photos of DIY steps, so thank you, darling. Unfortunatelly I don't have any photos of ornaments on our tree, because since I was a little girl, we had a tradition to put up and decorate a Christmas tree on a Christmas eve and I asked my mom, if I can decorate it before (I wanted to do it on Sunday), but she said no, it's too quickly, so I borrowed a little Christmas tree, that my brother has in his room, to do these photos, which unfortunatelly aren't the best. My mom said, I can decorate the tree this Sunday (on 22.), so better photos will come that day. But before I start, I have to mention, that this originally isn't my idea, I saw it on The Nail Network blog and I guess, it's hers (because all other people did it after her). I asked you, if you want me to write this post, because I wanted to share with you, where to find ornaments in Slovenia and to tell you some other tricks, that I noticed, while doing ornaments.

If you want to use true clear Christmas ornaments, then you'll have a hard job to find them in our country. I've searched them in Tedi, Kik, Mercur, Mercator, Müller, Špar, but I couldn't find them anywhere. But what I did found in Špar, were these clear plastic ornament with feathers in them. But feathers can be removed, so they are great to use them. You can also search in any hobby shop, where you'll find clear balls (like this one, they're also very cheap), but I didn't want those, because they can be taken appart and in the middle they have visible line, which I don't like that much. But it's up to you, everyone has a different taste. In Špar I got 4 ornaments for 2,99 €.

First thing I had to do, is to remove all the feathers. This is an extra job, but it goes quickly. The only problem is, that I couldn't remove all feather with tweezers, so I had to wash them out. I usually did that one day before I did a NP ornament, so that it had time to dry completely.

Then I decided, which polishes I'll use. I choose those I knew I won't wear anymore, because I already have similar shades.

Then I poured nail polish into an ornament. Pour as much as you need to cover a whole area.

And then I swirled it around, until I didn't cover the whole area. 

After that I poured the extra polish back into a bottle. 

When you can't hold the ornament anymore, place it into a cup, so the extra polish will pour out. I left ornaments for few hours like that, so that they has time to dry and then I placed the silver cap back on.

Someone asked me, how much polish do you need for this project. Well, if you think so, in the end not that much, because most of it pours out, but you'll need to use it a bit more, when you'll spread it all over the ornament, so it'll cover all the area. I suggest you, that you use some cheaper nail polishes or the ones, that you don't like anymore and you know, no one will want them. :P You most expensive polishes keep on the shelf, so you want regret to use it too much for ornament. 
When you'll choose polish for this project, have in mind, that the thicker the polish is, the harder it'll spread around the ornament, so you'll have to use it more. And it'll also last longer, before it'll cover all area. If the polish is very liquidy, it'll easier spread around and also faster. 
You can also use different polishes for one ornament. For one I used first glitter polish and when it dried, I used read one. For both colors I followed the steps, I mentioned before.
I think I said everything, that I wanted, but if I forgot something, I'll add later or if you want to know something, ask me in a comment below.

I can't wait to decorate my tree on Sunday. This year it'll be a bit more fun. Will you try to do nail polish ornament? Thank you for reading!