Getting Ready for Christmas #3: Under the Mistletoe

Hi, everyone! Today I'm doing the third theme of Getting Ready for Christmas challenge and this time I'm also doing only a manicure (I promise, I'll do a makeup for a next theme as well). The theme was "under the mistletoe", but I did a holly. When I googled mistletoe, it showed me a bunch of photos of holly and I didn't even think, that holly and mistletoe are 2 different things, until I didn't finish manicure, but I really like it, so I decided I won't do anther one and I'll cheat a bit instead.

Polishes I used, are She 230, Catrice I'm not a Greenager, H&M Je T'Aime and Essence Make it Golden

The list of themes.

What do you think? Do you like it or not? Thank you for reading!