Essie Winter Collection 2013 (Toggle to the Top and Mind Your Mittens)

Hello, everyone! Today I have for you my 2 new Essie nail polishes. As many Slovenian ladies know, DM send us  a coupon for 50 % discount on Essie polishes in November. I was lucky enough to get 2 coupons, so I got some polishes, a base coat and a top coat. 2 polishes I got were from Essie Winter 2013 collection and because they're limited edition, I decided to show them together today. I got Toggle to the Top and Mind Your Mittens.

You know that situation, when you see promo photos of one polish and you think you don't need it, but then you see it everywhere, on almost every single blog you follow and it grows on you? Yup, that's my relationship with Taglle to the Top. I though it's pretty, but I didn't want it, because I had one polish from Catrice, that looked similar to it, but after seeing it every day in December on more and more blogs, I compared some swatches and Catrice was more bright, so I decided try it myself in the end, too. I had one more coupon for Essie polishes and because it was only 5 €, I give it a go. I wear it on my nails right now and I have to say, it's pretty. It's not that WOW color, but it's pretty and I understand, why everyone is crazy about it.
Toggle to the Top has a dark red jelly base and brighter red glitter in it. The formula is pretty good. It's has a bit thicker formula than normally Essie polishes have it, but it's still easy to apply and it drys quickly. I applied 2 coats here. I can't say anything about the removal, because I'm still wearing it, but with the glitter you can always use a foil technique. A lot of people were complaining about this polish, that it's hard to apply and it has a chunky formula, but mine is good and I didn't had any problem with application or formula, so I guess it's probably different from bottle to bottle.

It drys matte, so you have to apply top coat, if you want it more shiny and I have to say, TC is mandatory with this polish, because in shiny version it looks much much better.

Next is Mind Your Mittens and if you ask me, this one is the most pretty in this collection. It's very dark grey shade, that looks almost black, but it's not black. It's a chameleon, because in some light it looks more blue and in some more green. It applys like a butter and it's opaque in 2 coats. Essie makes amazing creamy polishes and this one is not an exception. If you like darker polishes, I recommend you this one, I find it gorgeous.

I had my eye on Parka Perfect, too, but in the end I decided not to get it. Maybe I will buy it, if DM will have a sale of winter collection as it did had a sale of summer collection. I was really excited of Essie Holiday collection, but I'm not sure, we'll get it in Slovenia.

Do you like polishes from Essie Winter collection? What do you think about these two? Thank you for reading!