Sand Week: P2 Sand Syle Nail Polishes

Hello, everyone! This week I decided to do a themed week - from today till Friday I'll post  swatches of nail polishes with textured finish every day. I named it "Sand Week". I decided for a word sand and not textured, because I prefer first one. But because I know, not all of you are fond of nail polishes or even sand nail polishes, I'll write one or two posts with other topics till Friday, too. 
I'm starting Sand Week with P2 polishes, which I got some time ago in Graz. I bought four shades: Lovesome, Seductive, Precious and Classy. It's kinda dissapointing, that this brand is not available in Slovenia, because their polishes are good quality, much better than She polishes, if I compare them.

020 Lovesome is a pinkish red shade with a golden glitter. This one has very nice formula, that goes smoothly on nails and it needs 2 coats to be opaque.

030 Seductive is a plum shade with golden glitter and it's my favourite from all four. The golden glitter makes it special and that's why I'm having 3 photos of this polish. It's just so beautiful. I didn't remember to take a photo outside to show you how it looks on natural light (because my photos are made in lightbox, which emphasizes the glitter). This one also has nice formula and it needs 2 coats to be opaque. 

100 Precious is a golden shade, that also has a bigger glitter and I took it to use it with my nail art manicures. Golden is not a color, that I would usually wear alone. It has a bit thicker formula, but it's still easy to work with. I used 2 coats for this swatch.

110 Classy is a black shade with multicoloured shimmer. It's formula it's also nice and I used 2 coats for this swatch. I don't wear black often alone, so I'm using this one mostly for nail art, too. 

P2 polishes have 11 ml and I got them in Palmers in Graz. I think I payed something over 2 € or even less 2 €, I can't remember the exact price anymore. They dry quite fast and on me they chip fast, but you know, that none polish last more than 2 days on me. 

While I was editing photos for this post, I saw, that I forgot to take photos of them with a top coat (I love sand finish, so I never wear top coat over it and that's why I forgot to photograph polishes, when they have a glossy finish). Maybe I'll show you all sand polishes together with a top coat over them on Friday, when I'll post last swatch. Idk. Let me know, what would you prefer, if I add a photo of these 4 polishes with a top coat in this post or if you want me to post them all together on Friday. 

Have you tried any P2 Sand Style polish? What do you think about these four? Are you a fan of this finish or not? Thank you for reading!