Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo On and on Bronze

Hi, everyone! Today I decided to review Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in shade On and on Bronze. I have this eyeshadow for some time now and it's become one of my favourite eyeshadows to use on a daily basis. I bet you all heard and already tried Color Tattoo eyeshadows, so I won't ramble about them and I'll go directly on the review.

On and on Bronze is a bronze shimmery cream eyeshadow. I like to use cream eyeshadows in summer for quick makeup or as a makeup base. After my Essence brown cream eyeshadows dried, I needed a new one and I was so happy, when these came in Slovenia, because this one is a perfect shade for everyday usage to me. I usually apply and blend it with fingers, because it's quicker, but it's easy to apply and blend with a brush, too. Because it's nice bleandable, you can use it a little to add a touch of color on your eyes or a bit more and use it as a base for darker smokey look. Eyeshadow comes in a transparent thick jar with a black lid, that has a label with writing on it. I like the packaging, because it's sturdy. It also has indigredients written on it (if you open label, where the arrow is), but I discovered that just today, so no photo of indigredients (but you can Google them, if you're interested).

Here's a swatch on my hand. The pigmentation and formula are really nice, it melts with contact of the skin. Because it's very pigmented, I use it little for one makeup, so I think this jar will last me for a very long time (I think it'll dry before I'll finish it). The only problem I have with it, is creasing. I have to use eyeshadow base underneath or set it with powdery eyeshadow, otherwise it creases. I can wear it alone for about 5, 6 hours, before it starts creasing. So the fact, that they last 24 hours on lid, doesn't hold to be true for me, but it does lasts longer, if I use eyeshadow base or set it after application.

I bought this eyeshadows in Tuš drugstore for about 5 €. On the lid it doesn't write, how much eyeshadow contains the lid, but the Google says 4 g. This amount will last me quite long. Color Tattoo eyeshadows are also available in Müller and DM. I think in Slovenia you can get 8 different shades. If I ignore creasing, I like it very much and I have 2 more shades on my WL: Mettalic Pomegranate and Permanent Taupe. I have a feeling, they will end up in my collection soon.

Have you tried Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows? Which shades do you like? Thank you for reading!