Perfect Palette Tag

Hi, everyone! At the moment there are 2 tags going on on Youtube, that I like very much and  they are similar, but not the same. One is called My Ideal Palette and second one is called Perfect Palette. Today I wanted to post My Ideal Palette tag, but when I wanted to take photos for it, my bulb died an the weather outside isn't good enough to take photos, so instead of that I'm posting Perfect Palette tag today. My Ideal Palette tag will be posted on my blog as soon as I get a new bulb.

Perfect Palette tag was created by Iluvfaces1042, who filmed it with her doughter. You have to answer on 8 different questions and tell, why you chose a certain palette for that questions. My palette collection isn't small, but I mostly have palettes from Sleek, Beauty UK, MUA, Catrice, Essence and some other brands, from which I have mostly only one palette.

1. Best Packaging
Here I choose Essence palette Beauty on Tour from Ready for Boarding collection. Eyeshadows in this palette are not very good quality, but I love the packaging. It looks like a stamp, ho cute is that?

2. Best Color Payoff
In my collection the best color payoff have Inglot eyeshadows. I have a freedom system palette with 5 eyeshadows and all are amazingly pigmented. 

3. Most Vertasile
I probably have more palletes, that I can mention here, but I choose Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 palette. All eyeshadows are matte, but there are some brown coloured shades for natural look and many colorful shades for different colorful looks, from bright to dark ones. You can also do different coloured smoky looks with it, so I think this one is a perfect choice for this question.

4. Best for Traveling
I would say, that almost all my palettes are good for traveling, because none of them has a really big packaging, but I'm choosing Sleek Storm here. This is a perfect palette for traveling, because it has bright and dark shades, some mattes and some shimmers, so you can do different looks with it, from daily neutral to smoky looks for night out.

5. Biggest Regret
My biggest regret is definitely Beauty UK Pastels palette. The pigmentation of most eyeshadows is poor, the color combination is not my favourite and I never use it.

6. Best Color Names
Most of palettes I have, don't have any eyeshadow names, but from those, that do have, few of them have very pretty names. Here I was deciding between Catrice Paris, Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 and Sleek Vintage Romance and in the end I decided for Sleek Vintage Romance, because I think, they are a tiny bit more cute than in other two palettes. And they are all named by famous world cities.

7. Least Used
Here the decision was easy - NYX I Dream of St. Lucia. I used it only once, when I bought it. I actually don't remember anymore, why I got it. The pigmentation is amazing and colors are bright, perfect for bright and fun looks, but I never reach for it. I'll have to change that.

8. Most Used, Most Loved, Desert Island
Here I have to go with Essence quatro palette Copper Rulez from Metallics collection. I never swatched this palette on my blog and I only mentioned it in Monthly Favourites of June, but I love this palette and I already hit pan on it. It has 4 shimmery brown coloured shades, that are great for everyday look and I often reach for it. Lately I combine it with Maybelline Oh and On Bronze eyeshadow. As I said I never swatched it on blog and my bulb died, so I didn't took a photo of it and I'm showing you a promo photo.

I won't tag anyone, but if you want to do this tag, feel free to do it, I would love to read you answers. Thank you for reading!