New In (October)

Hi, everyone! Today I'm back with New in post for you. I know you all like these kind of post, but I admit, that I was hesitating before posting it. I already showed you many new stuff I got last month and this month is even worse. Well, if I count the stuff I bought (first photo) I actually didn't get that much, but if I count all together, I got a huge amount of new products. As you know, I was on Catrice and Essence event and we could take what ever we wanted, so I decided to try some products I haven't try before and in the end I got quite a lot  stuff. So I decided to go on a no buy this month (November), at least when it comes to nail polishes and makeup (lipsticks, eyeshadows ...). I'll try to buy only things, that I'll need, like new micellar water ...

If I start with things that I bought. First there are Ebelin cotton pads (I actually got two packaging, one for removing nail polish and one for removing makeup). Next is Ebelin pad, which I love and I got another one for washing my brushes and it works great. I also bought new Balea Baubeere handlotion, althought this is more spring/summer scent than fall/winter. Idk, why they're selling it now. Then I also bought some polishes: Essence Superheroes collection, I already posted swatches, Maybelline 145, 200 in 202, Essence Steel-ing the Scene topper and Essence BTGN high gloss top coat. I also got three Aveo removers, but I already finished one bottle and soon I'll finish the second one, too.

All products I'm going to show next, are from Catrice and Essence event. I got four Essence eau de toilette: Candy Shop, Like the Party of my Life, Like a Million Miles Away and Like a day in Paradise. I actually took only two for me, other two I got in Essence makeup bag.

Then some Essence nail polish stuff: Snowflake topper and Joy to the World nail polish from Happy Holidays TE, The Boy Next Door, BTGN high gloss top coat, Nail Art base coat, few products from Paper Print collection and 2 hand creams.

I gor Pure Skin nose strips, because I love them, two false lashes (glamour and volume) from regular assortiment and one from Happy Holiday TE, powder sponges, Essence kabuki brush (which I actually took for a giveaway, but I came home with broken packaging and I can't give away damaged product :(), Essence Nail Art nail polish remover, which I also like very much, and Catrice blush brush.

Next are 12 Catrice mono eyeshadows. I actually haven't try any of their mono eyeshadows before, so I'm really excited to try them.

Then I have some lip products: Essence Stay Matt Soft Nude and Velvet Rose lip cream, Catrice Pure Shine lip balms in Cherry-ty and My Cherry Berry, Essence longlasting lipsticks in Dare to Wear and Natural Beauty, Catrice lipsticks in Princess Peach, It's a Matt World and Matt-erial Girl and Catrice Fatal lip tint.

Then I got some eye producst: Essence Stays no Mather What eyepencil&eyeshadow in Cute Copper, Chocolate Brownie, Whipper White Frosting and Gorgeous Grey. From Essence I got also Stay All Day concealer in Soft Beige and I Love Stage eyeshadow base. From Catrice I got The Winning Cream (Matchpoint) longlasting eyeshadow base and highlighter, Glamour Volume mascara, Deep Black cat eyes eyeliner pen (Thrilling me Softly) and Catrice eyebrow filler.

I alo got Catrice All Matt Plus foundation in Nude Beige, but I already said before, that it's too dark for me (at leats now in winter time, when I'm more pale), so I'll have to buy the lightest shade, because I really like the formula of this foundation. I also got 2 blushes: Essence Be loud Ap-ri(c)ot and Catrice Pinkerbell. From Catrice I also got eyebrow set, which I adore, and mattifying oil contor paper, which will be more handy in spring and summer. From Essence I got highlighter Gold Digger from Metal Glam collection, which I already reviewed, tweezer and nail cuticle softener, which I use, when I'm swatching.

And last but not least is Essence Gel Nail At Home set. I got led lamp and starter kit for coloured manicures. I have tried it few times, but I'm not loving it. I think it's ok, but I'm not that impressed. I'll test it few more time, before you'll get a extensive review.

Oh, my. That's a lot of beauty stuff this month. If you have any request, what would you like to see on my blog soon, let me know, although I don't promise, when requested review will be up, because that's quite a lot products to test and I also have some old debts to show you.

I hope you like this post and you weren't as bad shopaholic as I was in October. Thank you for reading!