My Favourite 5 Blushes to Wear

Hi, everyone! I was thinking for some time to write a post about my 5 favourite blushes, that I like to wear the most. I know, many bloggers did similar posts already, but I like to read posts about favourite products, so I decided to join them, too. While I was choosing 5 blushes, that I wear the most, I noticed, that most of them are from Essence limited edition colletion. But the choice is logical, because there was a time, when I bought a lot of their blushes and I like to wear them, because some of the colors are perfect for me.

This is a hot pink creamy blush, that actually becomes powdery, while you're applying it. It's easy to apply and blend with a brush. The shade it's just perfect and I'm a big fan of pink blushes.

This is a dusty pink cream blush and it was my go to blush during the summer. I always apply it with fingers and it goes smoothly on cheeks and it's also blendable. I love it, because it gaves my cheeks natural pinkish look.

Maybelline Colorama blush 501
This is a darker pinkish red powdery blush. It has amazing pay off and it's nice bleandable. This is one of my go to blushes for fall, the color it's just perfect. And it lasts really long on me.

This is a multicoloured blush, that has pink, orange and peach color in it, but on the swatch it looks more pinkish. On cheeks it looks more peachy, after a blend it. The reason for this color difference is probably in the fact, that I made heavy swatch with fingers on my hand and on cheeks I blend it with a brush and it looks more light. Beside Maybelline 501 this is my second go to fall blush.

This is actually a duo blush (orange and peachy), but I like the most both shades mixed together. They gave a nice coral shade together and at the moment this is my favourite coral blush. The pigmentation is not as good as by Maybelline 501, but still good enough and it's also buildable. It's very silky on touch and it's nice to blend.

I also have few photos to show you, how these blushes look on me. While I was searching for old makeup looks with these blushes, I noticed, that I haven't took any with Essence Mission Flower blush, so I'm only showing you looks with other 4 blushes. Please, ignore my eyebrows on first two photos, here I still didn't know, how to shape them, that they will look ok.

Essence Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Asian Sensation.
Essence Ballerina Backstage blush souffle in Prima Ballerina 
Maybelline Colorama 501 blush.

Essence Be Loud Ap-ri(c)ot blush

This post probably wasn't the most helpful, because I showed you mosty blushes, that are not available anymore, but I hope you still enjoyed reading it! Which ones are your favourite blushes? Thank you for reading!