Lacura Jeans

Hi, everyone! Today I decided to show you a nail polish swatch of one very gorgeous polish - Lacura Jeans. Lacura is a Hofer's brand (Aldi in Germany) and the color choice isn't really big, but sometimes they have very interesting shades.

Lacura is a periwinkle cream shade with amazing pigmentation, it's opaque after one coat, but one must be careful with application, because the formula it's a bit thicker and you can quickly ruin your nice applied first coat. The brush is really nice and easy to work with, it's not too big or too small. I totally forgot to take a photo of a it, because I reviewed Lacura polishes once before and I thought I show it there, but I didn't (silly me). It's similar to the brush of old She polishes and also Misslyn polishes have the same shape, just their brush is a bit smaller. For the swatch I used 2 coats, as I always do. I'm noticing, that if I use only 1 coat, polish chips faster than with 2 coats.

I also upgraded it a bit, because I wanted to play with striping tape. I'm not using striping tape as often as I could, specially because with it one can make such amazing manicures. Here I decided to combine Lacura Jeans with Bourjois In the Navy and silver tape. Lacura and Bourjois actually look too close on photos, in person the colors are very different (as you know, In the Navy is a navy blue shade).

Lacura polishes are available in Hofer for 1,99 € and one bottle contains 10 ml of polish. They change colors here and there and sometimes they have gorgeous shades. I definitely recommend you to take a look at their polishes. I'm not sure, if this one is still available or not, because when I was the last time in Hofer, the stand was quite robbed and there were only boring shades left, but check in your nearest Hofer, maybe you'll find it.

What do you think about Lacura polishes, have you tried them? Do you like this shade? Thank you for reading!