Getting Ready for Christmas #1: Not Yet But Almost

Hi, everyone! Few days ago I decided to join Getting Ready For Christmas challenge, that was created by Elsa from Like a Candy Shop blog (btw, this girl has amazing blog, so don't forget to follor her, if you don't follor her yet). There are 10 themes, which we can post whenever we want and what I like the most about this challenge is, that we can do makeup or nail art, so there's really a chance for everyone to express their ideas.

Because my nails are very short at the moment (I don't remember, when I filled them so short the last time), I decided to focus more on makeup for the beginning and when they'll grow a bit (in a week or two), I'll do some nail art too. For the first theme I painted them with colors, that match makeup, but I didn't do a separate photo of them. The first theme is not yet, but almost and here I had in mind to combine red, green and gold, because these three colors all mean Christmas to me. So I decided to do a green eye makeup with a pop of golden shade and red lips and cheeks.

I started with NYX Milk as a base. Then I used 3 different shades of green on the lid (Green Iguana from Sleek Curacao on inner third of the lid, green shade from MUA Glamour Nights in the middle of the lid and Green Martini from Sleek Curacao in outer V), but after I applied golden pigment (Essence A Piece of Forever) over them, the difrerence between them wasn't visible anymore. In inner corner of my eyes I used golden eyeshadow from MUA Glamour Nights palette. Under my eyes I use Catrice black kajal eye pencil an blend it with Ink from Sleek Ultra Matts V2 palette. As I highlighter under my brow I used Alverde Vanille.

For the cheeks and lips I decided to go with red color. With green on eyes I would normally combine nude lips, but because I don't find nude as a Christmas color, I decided to go bold and use a red lipstick. On my cheeks I'm wearing Essence Bloody Mary from Vampire's Love collection and on lips Essence Dare to Wear, a lipstick, that I simply adore. As you know, I like Essence lipsticks, but this one is probably the best of them all. I was wearing it on christening lunch two weeks ago, where I ate and drank and after 3 hours there was still a nice stain. Yes, it survived eating and drinking. After 3 hours I re-applied it, because I got a dry feeling on my lips, but yeah, it made an impression on me that day.

On my nubbins I painted Barry M Racing Green and Maybelline 145. Both polishes, I think, are perfect Christmas shades.

Products I used:
- NYX Milk
- Sleek Curacao (Green Iguana - inner third of the lid; Green Martini - outer V)
- MUA Glamour Nights (green - middle of the lid; gold - inner corner of the lid)
- Sleek Ultra Matts V2 Darks (Ink - under the eye)
- Alverde Vanille
- Catrice black kajal pencil from San Francisco palette
- Essence A Piece of Forever pigment from Essence Breaking Dawn collection
- Catrice Ink Waterproof Eyeliner Don't Move
- Catrice Glamour Volume mascara
- Catrice Eye brow stylist Date With Ash-ton (for brows)
- Bourjois Healthy Mix 02 Vanilla
- Essence Stay All Day Longlasting Concealer 02 Soft Beige
- Catrice camouflage cream in Ivory
- Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger highlighting powder
- Essence Vampire's Love Bloody Marry blush

- Essence Dare to Wear

And making a fool of myself for the end. :P

That's it for first theme. Sorry for picture spam, but I made so much photos and I didn't know, which photos to choose, so I posted them more. :) Don't forget to check Elsa's Facebook page, where she's going to post all the work of other participant, so you can see them all in one place.

Green eyes and red lips are not the combination, I would usually wear, but I like it. What do you think? Thank you for reading!