FOTD: Pop of Colour

Hi, everyone! As I promised yesterday, I'm posting look, I did with MUA Dusk til Dawn palette, today. The main reason for separate post is a tutorial. I decided to do more makeup tutorials. I'm no makeup artist and you will notice, that I mainly use the same technique, I just change shades, but I hope to give you some ideas with looks, specially to those readers, who are beginners in makeup (because I received requests for makeup tutorials, you can freely suggest me the ideas,if you have any).

Here's a photo of a palette, so you can get a better picture, which shades I used. I decided to do brighter look, because I really wanted to use shade 9 and I thought, that if I'll use it under eye, the brighter look will look better with it than a darker one.

Let's start with a tutorial:
Step 1: Although I have normal lids and eyeshadows usually don't crease on me, I always use eyeshadow base, because eyeshadows look more intense over it and it makes them last longer.
Step 2: First I applied shade 5 over my lid.
Step 3: Then I applied shade 2 in crease.
Step 4 and 5: In outer V I applied shade 12 (I love it, it specially looks great on lid) and I blended it, also a bit in crease.
Step 6: In inner corner of my eye and under eyebrow I used shade 4 as a highlighter. I usually don't like to use that kind of shade under my eyebrow, because it's too shimmery for my taste, but with this look I wanted to use only eyeshadows from MUA palette.
Step 7: Then I used shade 9 under my eyes. 
Step 8 and 9: Last two steps are like always an eyeliner and a mascara (well, usually the last step is highlighting under my eyebrow, but here I did quickly).

I have very pale neck, you can notice that on photos. I actually mixed togehter Catrice and Bourjois foundation and they together are still too dark for my skin tone. Well, that's obviously, because Bourjois matches my skin. I also used 2 mascaras here, Essence I Love Stage and Catrice Glamour Volume, but I didn't get any more noticeable effect as I do, when I use them alone.

Products I used:
- MUA Dusk til Dawn
- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Catrice Ink Waterproof Eyeliner Don't Move
- Essence I Love Volume mascara
- Catrice Glamour Volume mascara
- Catrice eyebrow set (for brows)

- Bourjois Healthy Mix 02 Vanilla
- Catrice All Matt Plus 020 Sand Beige
- Essence Stay All Day Longlasting Concealer 02 Soft Beige
- Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger highlighting powder
- Essence Be Loud Ap-ri(c)ot blush

- Essence Stay Matt Soft Nude lip cream

I'm satisfied with this look and I like, how it looks on me. What do you think? Also, let me know, if you like my tutorials and the idea to do them more often. Thank you for reading!