You Ask, I Answer

Hi, everyone! Today I don't have Random Sunday post for you, because I decided to write a post with answers on your questions, that you asked me, when I did a giveaway for Slovenian readers. Because questions were in Slovene, I translated them in English, but my English is not the best, so I hope, my translation is not that horrible. For next week I'm also preparing a poll about my blog and I think I'll post it next Sunday. I have a feeling, that my blog needs a change and I want to give you a chance to help me with changes. :)

1. When and how did you start blogging?
I started blogging three and a half years ago, but at the beginning I didn't open a beauty blog, it was more pesonal blog. I needed a new hobby and I love writing, so I opened it on Blogger platform without any expectations, how my blog will develop. Most of posts, I published at the beginning, I deleted, because I wanted to keep mostly beauty related posts. 
First beauty blog, I discovered, was Slovenian blog Ranbows and Blues. That was also the time, when my love for nail polishes started to grow. Then I discovered some other blogs (Parokeets, Nihrida, Ivana Thinks Pink ...) and it was just the matter of time, when I'll post my first manicure. I think I posted it in July, when my blog was few months old (I started in Februar). My nails and my cuticles look horrible at that time, but since then I learned a lot, not only about nail polishes and nail care, but also about other beauty stuff. I learned, how to do nail art and many other things, that I can share with you now. My blog grew a lot in last few years and not only my blog, also I grew with it, and it got a lot better during these few years. I'm actually very proud on what I achieved with it.

2. What do you like the most about blogging?
My favourite thing about blogging is interaction with readers. Ok, I admit, lately I don't answer on comments regulary, but I like to interact with you on Facebook and Twitter also. I also enjoy doing manicures for blog. The thing I like the least, is editing.

3. Do your friends and family know about your blog and how did they react, when they found out?
Well, my family doesn't know, because I never talk to them about my blog, although they see me taking photos all the time. I didn't talk to them about it, because my family is not really into these things and they have different opinion about cosmetic than I. But I actually don't care. I mean, it would be nice, if they would support me (if they knew), but if they wouldn't, I wouldn't care, because I would still be doing it. My boyfriend does know and some of my friends too. My BF does support me, when it comes to cosmetics and blogging, and that's the most important to me.

 4. What is your favourite topic to write about? On which are you the most proud of?
Hmm, I don't know. I like to write about everything, that I publish on my blog, othwerwise I would be writing about them. Maybe nail art manicures. I like showing them to you, specially, when I'm very proud on what I've done.

5. Where do you get an inspiration for your posts?
It depends, sometimes from fellow bloggers, sometimes you request something, from new products, that have to be review ...

6. How many hours a week do you devote to your blog? What other hobbies do you have?
That is a hard questions. It depends from the type of post I'm writing and if I'm swatching or doing nail art. Well, a lot. Nail art manicures takes me about 1-1,5 hours to make and photograph, one swatch about 20 min, then editing takes some time too ... Posts about nail polishes are to me the easiest to write, because I don't need that much time to write them (excep if I post more polishes in one post). Posts, like Monthly Favourites, Empties, Dissapointing Products and similar take me about 2 hours  to write, because I usually have a lot products to mention, but they're the fastest to photograph and edit. I really can't say exactly, how much hours do I devote to my blog. Sometimes only few in a week and sometimes a whole day, if I have time, and that can happen 2-3 days in a row (ok, I do other stuff too that day).
Other hobbies? I don't have any special hobbies, I like to go for a walk, spending my time watching TV shows, reading books. Nothing special, actually.

7. Do you remember, when you applied polish for the first time on your nails? Do you remember, which was the first polish, you bought?
I really can't remember, which was the first polish, that I applied on my nails. But I do know, that first polishes, I was using, were from my mother. I think, that first polish, I bought myself with my own money, was black Essence polish, but I can't remember, how it was called, because I don't have it anymore.

8. Who or was was your model to start doing manicures?
First blogs, I started to follow, were nail polish blogs, so probably them. I really admired at that time (and still do) all girls, that are writing Parokeets blog and Nihrida, these 2 Slovenian blogs were my role models.

9. Where do you get inspiration for your manicures?
I get my inspiration from different things - sometimes from other nail polish bloggers, sometimes from nature,  clothes, season,  I often search for inspiration on Pinterest ... I also have to mention challenges, I really enjoy doing them and their themes can be great inspiration for nail art.

10. Did you ever consider doing manicures on other people as well?
I often paint my mother's nails and I also did manicures on my friend's nails, but I don't know, if I could do it professionally, because I'm often nervous, that I won't do nice manicure on their nails as I can do it on mine. 

11. Are you planning to write a post about your favourite fall nail polishes?
Yes, I am. It will probably be up next week.

12. Have you ever though about doing Youtube videos as well?
I already have Youtube channel and I already filmed few videos. I tried to film few videos, where I'm sitting in front of the camera and talking, but I never published any, because I was always too nervious and I thought it looked horrible, so I didn't want to show it to anyone.

13. Which eyeshadow and nail polish color do you like the most? Do you prefer warm or cold colors? Do you choose colors depending from a season?
I like dark and shimmery eyeshadows. I'm also a fan of natural looking (brown, beige) eyeshadows. The difference between warm and cold eyeshadows doesn't play a big role to me. My favourite nail polish colors are green and blue. Sometimes I do choose colors depending from a season, specially if I'm doing nail art, but otherwise that doesn't play that big role to me. I like to wear neon shades in winter too, not only in summer. The same with eyeshadows, I wear, what I like, and not, what it in fashion that season.

14. How much do you spend for cosmetics in one month/year? Which is your favourite cosmetics product to buy?
Another hard question. I don't write down, how much do I spend for cosmetic and I usually don't have a spending ban. Sometimes I can spend a lot in one month (like 100 €) and sometimes only little (like 10 €). It depends from a month. My favourite cosmetic to buy are nail polishes and lipsticks.

15. If you would have to choose between eyeliner and lipstick for a better look, which product would you choose?
I would probably choose eyeliner. I mean, I do like lipsticks a lot, but I feel naked without eyeliner. Few days ago I did an eye make up, but I didn't use an eyeliner, and I totally felt strange, because I'm not use to wearing eyeshadows without any liner. 

16. Do you prefer buying cosmetics on internet or in drugstore?
I'm a drugstore buyer. I do order over internet too, but I prefer going to the drugstore and seing products in person, before buying them. In drugstore there are also testers, so you can try products before buying them (although not always).

17. What kind of camera do you use to take photos? When and how do you take photos for your blog? How is the best way to photograph eye makeup? What program do you use to edit photos?
I use Nikon Coolpix S3300 for photographing everything (and also filming videos, but it's not the best camera for this purpose). Nail polish swathes and manicures I photograph in lightbox, so I take them, whenever I have time. Makeup looks and swatches of beauty products (lisptick, palette ...) I photograph outside in the morning on my balcony, when there's still a shade, because during my years of blogging I discovered, that there I make the most realistic swatches. But the again they can look different on computer - I know, that my photos look different on mm brother's computer than mine, but I'm not that smart, when it comes to computers, to say, where is the catch. For editing I'm using GIMP. I mostly only crop photos and add a watermark, but sometimes I also correct incorrectness.

That's it. I hope, you manage to read all the answers and find out, what interested you. If you have more questions, write them in a comment below and I'll add it in this post. Thank you for reading!