Skittle Fall Manicure

Hi, everyone! Today I have for you a fall manicure, that I did during weekend and removed today, so tomorrow I can do a new fall inspired nail art. Lately I'm totally loving gold and burgundy/dark red combination and I have a feeling, you'll se more combinations in this 2 colors on my blog, although this time I used more yellow-green polish, which has golden shimmer. The main idea here was to use Essence plates, that have fall designs (mushroom, owl). By this manicure everything went wrong, I was doing it for 2 hours, which is really really long. First I manage to mess a polish on my middle finger and I had to re-apply it, then I had problems with owl, because I couldn't stamp it in the middle of the nail. When I stamped it for the fourth time, it came in the middle, but not straight. But because it was placed the same way as mushrooms, I left it that way. If I forget my problems with this manicure, I actually like it a lot.

Polishes, I used for this manicure, are China Glaze Trendsetter (btw, I manage to swatch my whole CG collection for post, I just don't know, when I'll have time to edit them all, because I made a huge amount of photos, after all I own 18 CG polishes), She 437, Misslyn Bright Love, Essence Make it Golden (one of my all time favourite Essence polishes) and Maybelline 23 and Manhattan 29Z for stamping. Both stamped desings are from Essence plates, which I reviewed here, but I'm afraid, they're not available anymore. As you know, Essence changes their plates very often. But you can check in the store, maybe any of them is still available.

What do you think about my skittle fall manicure? Thank you for reading!

6 komentarjev

  1. hahah, jaz sem prebrala fail namesto fall, in mi ni bil čist jasno zakaj ti je tista popolnost fail :D

  2. Fora je manikura, al Trendsetter mi nikad nije sjeo :/ pa bi zamijenila ta dva s necim drugim :D

    1. Hvala. :) Meni je pa ta lak zelo pri srcu, verjetno zato, ker ni tipična barva. :)