Review and Swatches: Essence Superheroes TE

Hi, everyone! This week I found in Müller almost untouched Essence Superheroes collection and I couldn't help myself, I bough 5 nail polishes and blue glitters for nails. I didn't took the galaxy effect nail polish, because it was pink and I wouldn't wear it. Ok, thermo effect polish is also pink, but I took it, because I wanted to try it.

 Here's a group photo of nail polishes. Click on it to make it bigger.

Let's start with first polish, that has a thermo effect. It's called Fantastic girl. When it's cold, it's in a purple color as it is in a bottle too, but when it's hot, it's in pink color. Yesterday, when I was doing swatches, it was sunny day and I felt warm, so polish looked pink on me. I had to use cold water to make it change a color. But it changes the color very fast, so it was hard to photograph it. On upper photo on a nail wheel you can see, how it looks, when it's cold.
Fantastic girl has a cream finish and it's easy to apply. 2 coats are enough for opacity, but I used 3, because I smudged polish a bit after second coat and I had to fix it with third coat. I think Essence did a pretty good job with this one, it'll be fun to wear it in the winter, when outside will be very cold and inside warm. I usually don't wear pink, but I had to take this one, because I've never tried color changing nail polish before and Essence released only one (I wouldn't mind, if they would do a whole collection).

The second polish is The Incredible with a sand effect. It's a teal shade with tiny blue flakies. It looks amazing. Its sand finish is not as expressive as by Misslyn Royal Blue or by Barry M textured polishes. Although it's not as rough as other sand polishes I own, I really like it, it's just the perfect color to me. It applys nicely and it need to 2 coats to be opaque.

Here's The Incredible with one coat of a top coat. I think it looks even prettier with a top coat.

Next one is Power Girl aka oil slick finish. I admit, I took this one, because I was wondering, what oil slick effect means. Well, it's a duochrome nail polish, that goes from blue to purple. The effect is very nice visible on nails too, but unfortunatelly it was hard to capture it on camera (my camera doesn't like purple nail polishes). The application can be a bit tricky, because it can leave brush strokes, but otherwise the formula is very nice. It's opaque after 2 coats. 

Next polish is Super, Man! aka holo effect. First I wasn't interested in this polish, but when I saw it in the store I decided to give it a try, because it looks pretty in the bottle. I actually expected, that it'll be true holographic polish, but it's a metallic polish with holographic glitter. It applys nicely and it's opaque after 2 coats. Holographic glitter is more visible in person, the metallic base is very shiny on photos and because of it glitter isn't as visible. Hmm, I actually don't know, what to think about this polish. It's nice, but it didn't wow me, after I tried it on nails.

And the last one is Wonder Wow, Man! aka like liquid gold effect. It's a metallic golden shade, but I admit, I expected more from it. It's not very pigmented, because it needs 2 coats to be opaque, so I think it won't be good for stamping. The application also wasn't the easiest, because it leaves brush strokes, even if you're more careful with application. It will probably come handy in nail art, but otherwise I don't find it interesting.

I also took blue glitters, because there was a swatch on the stand and it look pretty, so I wanted to try it. I've never tried these Essence effect nails before, so it's a good thigh, that they have instructions in the back of the packaging.

As a base I used Essence Electric Blue and I put glitters only on ring finger. I actually didn't do exactly as the instruction say, but maybe I should. I applied 2 coats of Essence nail polish and when the polish was still wet, I strew glitter on the nail (I had a lid of a jar below). I have to admit, that I didn't expect, that using a glitter from a jar will be so messy. Ok, I could expect, that it won't go that easy, but I had glitter everywhere, on my clothes, table, floor ... And it was hard to put it back in the jar. After few minutes I removed the access glitter from a nail and here you can see the final result. It looks nice, but I can't say, that I love this stuff. I think, that it's just easier to apply glittery nail polish. I had it on my nails only for swatching, but I believe, that it's hard to remove and you'll have to use a foil technique.

One polish contains 8 ml and it costs 2,19 €. The jat contains 2,5 g of glitter and it costs 2,19 €. Superheroes collection is available in Müller. I'm actually very pleased with first 3 polishes, thermo effect polish is nice to play with, sand effect polish has a gorgeous color and oil slick effect has a nice visible duochrome effect. Last 2 polishes, holo effect and like liquid gold, didn't impressed me on nails.

What do you think about Superheroes collection? Thank you for reading!