Review and Swatches: Essence Happy Holidays TE

Hi, everyone! Most of you probably already saw promo photos of Essence Happy Holidays TE collection. Last Thursday we had a chance to see this collection in person and I find stand very pretty. Well, most of products didn't interest me, but I really liked first duo nail polish and a snowflake topper, so I decided to try these 2. I also took false lashes, because in December I'll try to create some fun Christmas make up (hopefully).

When PR manager from Germany told us, that Snowflake topper looks like a snow globe, we were all very excited and these 4 toppers run short quickly. I was one of the lucky girls, that got it and had a chance to play with it at home. The topper is called Let It Snow and in the bottom it has white hexagonal glitter, that appears all over the bottle, when you shake it. This white glitter reminds me on snowflakes and it also contains tiny holographic glitter, that reminds me on Christmas lights.

Now let me tell you something about formula. It's transparent, but it's very liquidy, so you'll have to apply thin coats. Unfortunatelly it doesn't transfer any white glitter on the nail, when you apply a thin coat and it also transfer little number of holographic glitter. You can see that on upper photo, where I used one thin coat. If you'll want to transfer more holographic glitter and also white glitter on nail, you'll have to apply few thin coats or a bit thicker second coat as I did. But with thicker coats you'll have to be careful, because it can happen, that you'll have polish all over your cuticles. On next 3 photos I used 2 coats of Snowflake topper, but a bit thicker second one and I also dabbed few white glitters on nails, because with brush they're hard to apply. I think this topper is very fun to play with, but if you expect too much from it, then you'll be dissapointed, because it's one of those Essence toppers, where the glitter is hard to apply on nails. Although I do like the result, that is gaves, when you put a little effort in its application, it totally reminds me on Christmas. As a base I used Essence Electric Blue.

I also made a video to show you, how it looks before and after you shake a bottle, but unfortunatelly it's not the best quality, because my camera doesn't want to focus, when I film something very close.

In this collection are also 4 duo nail polishes. Pink and red are dupes of those duo polishes from Circus Circus collection. I actually found the most special the dark brownish red-golden combination, so I took only this one. Green looked nice too, but I bet - as a fan of green polishes - that I already have something similar in my stash. 

This polish is called Joy to the World and the colorful part is pretty interesting. I actually had problems with describing it, because it looked dark burgundy to me at first, but after it dried on nails (it drys darker as it is in the bottle), it looked a bit brown to me too, so I decided to call the color brownish red. It's actually pretty hard to me to describe this color, maybe it looks different to you. This is one of those polishes, that is opaque after one coats, but because the formula is a bit thicker, it caused me few problems with application. The finish is creamy and for this swatch I used 2 coats. I think this polish will be great for stamping.

The glitter part is really amazing. It applys like a butter and if you apply a bit thicker coats, you can get a lot of glitters on nails. I love, when Essence does this kind of job with glitters. It has big hexagonal golden glitter and small golden and red hexagonal glitters, but red ones are not that visible (you will notice them better, if you'll click on photo to make it bigger).

I'm very satisfied with Joy to the World nail polish, but the topper was a bit dissapointment beause of application, although it's fun to play with it and shake it all the time. And it also looks nice on  nails, after you pout few coats on them. I think this collection will be available in stores in November.

What do you think about Happy Holidays TE? Will you get anything from it? Thank you for reading!

*I got these products for freen on Essence&Catrice event.