Review and Swatch: Essence Metal Glam Steel-ing the Scene (+Comparison+Fall Manicure+Giveaway)

Hi, girls! Today's post will be photo heavy. I have for you a review of Essence golden topper from Metal Glam collection, but beside that also few other stuff, like swatch of a polish I used under golden topper, comparison, a fall NOTD and last but not least a giveaway. :)

Let's start with a polish, that I used as a base for topper. This is Coral Prosilk 153, a nail polish from a brand called Delia Cosmetic. I got it last year in Nama, it was on Eveline stand, although I can't say, why, because it's obviously not Eveline nail polish. It's a dusty greyish blue shade, that contains a tiny shimmer. First I though, that it's a creamy shade, but after application the shimmer is more noticeable. It has more liquidy formula, so it has to be applied in thin coats, but it applys very nicely. It's opaque after 3 coats. It's very pretty shade, I don't have anything similar in my stash, but I was a bit dissapointed, because I really wanted, that this would be a creamy polish, not shimmery.

And now let's go to the Steel-ing the Scene, a golden topper from Metal Glam collection. First I wasn't planning to get this topper, but more swatches I saw, more I liked it and when I found 2 bottles of it in DM, I had to bring it with me. And I don't regret it, because it's very gorgeous polish. It contains big and smaller golden flakies, that are in clear base, and the formula is really amazing, because it goes smoothly on nails and also flakies do transfer nicely on nails. When you apply thin coat, there are less flakies on nails, and when you apply thicker coat, there more of them on nails. The prize is 2,19 € for 8 ml of polish.

The reason, why I first didn't want to get it, is in 2 other similar polishes, I already own, but when I saw, it's completely different from them, I changed my mind. The polishes, I'm talking about, are NYX Girls Gilded Glitter and H&M New Moon

Flakies in H&M New Moon are smaller and sheerer than in other 2 polishes. NYX Girls Gilded Glitter has flakies from very tiny ones to a bit bigger ones, but none is so big as in Essence topper. Flakies in Essence Steel-ing the Scene are the biggest (although there are some smaller ones too) and the most yellowish. Obviously none of these is a dupe. They are all in clear base and flakies from all of them transfer nicely on nails.

I also made a comparison on nails over the same polish, because in upper photo they're applied over different polishes. As a base used Bourjois In the Navy.

Guess what? In this post I also have a fall coloured manicure. First I was thinking to post it in a separate blogpost, but god knows, when it would be posted, so I decided to include it in this post. First I did a gradient manicure with Essence It's Peach Not Cherry, Essence I'm So Very and P2 Before Sunrise. In the end I layered over it Essence Steel-ing the Scene. This is the manicure, I'm wearing on my nails this moment and I really like it.

Did you manage to break through this post till here? Great, then I have a little surprise for you. I manage to get 2 bottles of Essence Steel-ing the Scene gold topper and one bottle will go to one of you. But there are some rules, you have to follow, if you want to win this polish:
1. You have to be follower of my blog via GFC or Bloglovin.
2. Leave a comment under this post saying anything you like, but it has to refear on post (why do you like Essence polish, what do you think about my fall manicure or Coral Prosilk shade ...). Comments, that will say "Great giveaway, I'm in." and nothing else, won't be consider. Please, don't forget to mention, that you want to enter this giveaway, because I know, some of you already have this polish and you may wouldn't want to enter this giveaway.
3. Giveaway is open only for Europe and it will close on Saturday, 12. 10. 2013 at Midnight.

Uf, that was quite a long post. So, tell me, what do you think about Esence Metal Glam collection? Did you get anthing from it? What about this Essence topper, do you like it? And my fall manicure? Thank you for reading!