Random Sunday #41

Hi, everone! After a long time I have Random Sunday post for you. These series is becoming monthly, not weekely anymore as it use to be. I'll have to change that.

Doing make up look with goodies, I got on Essence and Catrice event. Most of the products I already reviewed.

The same look, just with another lip product - Essence Stay Matt Soft Nude lip cream.

At the beginning of the month, when I was doing some major swatching, I run out of nail polish remover, so I went and bought 3 bottles of it to have it in stock.

 Taček. I noticed I don't have any proper photo of Ris, he just don't like to photograph.

"Kremšnita", made by my mother. The best kremšnita ever.

The name of my blog.

My new planner for future blogposts.



I hope you had nice October and you'll have a wonderul beginning of new week. Thank you for reading!