Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Day 5 - Day 8

Hi, everyone! Last week I was neglecting Halloween nail art challenge, so I decided to post 4 manicures, I should post till yesterday, today. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I'll post last 2 manicures. I decided to post them separately, because I really love manicure I did for day 9 and I think it deserves its own post. :P

Day 5: Blood
Here I actually had other idea, I wanted to do a splatter manicure, but I didn't had a straw, so I did a dripping blood. I used She 115 and Essence I'm So Very.

Day 6: Ghosts
I admit, I didn't really had very interesting idea for this theme, so I did 2 ghosts on ring finger and thumb and on other nails I did spooky eyes. I used Maybelline 23 and She 115.

Day 7: Witch/Black cat
Here I knew from the beginning I'm going to do a black cat, because I prefer this theme. I didn't want to do only a cat's head, because I already did something similar for 31 Day Challenge, so I decided to do a whole cats on 2 nails. I'm not the most satisfied, how they looked in the end, specially the one on the thumb looks pretty fat. But well, it'll have to do. On other nails I decided to do paws, because I didn't want to leave them empty. I used OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons as a base and Maybelline 23 and She 115 for cats and paws. 

Day 8: Skulls
Yes, I used neon nail polishes. I just can't finish nail challenge without using neon nail polishes, because they're my favourite. And neon skulls look much better than black&white. Polishes I used are: Color Club Youthquake, GT Cosmetics No 2,  CH Nail Lacquer 9, CH Nail Lacquer 15, Color Club I Always Get My Man-darin and Maybelline 23.

I think I like ghost the most from these four. Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!