Halloween Nail Art Challenge - Day 3: Candy Corn

Hi, everyone! Third theme in Halloween nail art challenge is candy corn and here I knew, I want to make a gradient. Well, it didn't go everything as I planned, this is my second try and I'm still not completely satisfied with it. My orange just wants to dominate yellow and white color.

I used She 115, Essence Orange Sunset and Essence My Yellow Fellow

Few days ago I got a comment, if I can do a tutorial, how to do a perfect gradient. Well, guess what? If you want to know "perfect" gradient, then I'm not the right person to ask, because my gradient is never perfect. And I probably do it the same way as many other people - first I apply base color, then I apply polishes, that I want to use, on a sponge (together with base color) and then I dab a sponge on nails. I cleanaccess nail polish from cuticles and in the end I use a top coat. I probably didn't choose the best color combination for demonstration, because orange wants to "eat" yellow and white (if you know, what I mean). When I'm not satisfied with the gradient, I did, I just do nail art over it or apply glittery nail polish and it looks much better.

What do you think about this manicure? How would you do candy corn inspired nails? Thank you for reading!