Halloween Nail Art Challenge - Day 1: Inspired by Horror Movie

Hi, everyone! Today I have first of 2 posts for you (this week I'll post a little bit more, I hope you won't mind). I joined Halloween Nail Art Challenge, created by Sanela aka inSANEnails, because I really liked themes and I thought they won't be hard to do. Other girls already started with challenge on 4. October, but last week I didn't really had much time for posting, so I decided to adjust dates and start today. I'm going to post manicures every second day, so I'll finish on 31. October with my last manicure and a recap of the challenge.

The first theme was inpired by horror movie and I don't like horror movies, so I choosed animated Halloween movie - Nightmare Before Christmas.

As a base I used Essence Jacob's Protection. On ring finger I did Jack Skellington, on my middle curly hill and on my thumb a house. I wanted to do something on other 2 nails too, so I added white stripes. For drawing I used Essence Mellow Yellow, She 115 and Maybelline 23

I'm pretty satisfied with this manicure. What do you think? Thank you for reading!